Digital intelligence for the 'End-to-end Knowledgeable Enterprise (E2EKE)'


In this edition of the series dedicated to laying the foundation of a 'knowledgeable enterprise', I am going to dive into a proposed blueprint for developing that resilient 'digital-intelligence' so that the digital transformation programs achieve their two most important goals-sustainable value and impact.

My goal here is try to elucidate the much needed 360 approach to problem definition, analysis and resolution in comprehensive end to end information management, and refocus it for value-driven competitive intelligence.

In the upcoming installments of this series addressing 'knowledgeable enterprise', I shall describe how to structure the roadmap for realizing this vision with required agility and flexibility while keeping the existing architectural and capability challenges at the forefront

By Sreejith Menath

Keywords: Analytics, Digital Transformation, Digital Disruption

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