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Sreejith Menath

Business Development Executive at Birdvision Consulting

kochi, India

I am a digital enterprise champion, who wants to expound though-leadership in a way that emulates the end-to-end knowledge management requirements of an enterprise. I believe for this goal, its required to have a much deeper understanding of enterprise information flow and insights about the larger problem of integrating people and processes is key.

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8 Article/Blogs
The mole is in the system II: Why your new enterprise BI solution has not achieved its desired output?
November 24, 2020
If you have already been through the earlier investigations here on my publication list such as ‘The Mole is in the system and ‘Where lies the knowledge gap’ , then you pretty much have the acquaintance to the problem background we address here. There is a very good probability that you have shared similar line of thought and faced resembling challenges, and it indeed makes sense to find out more about aspects of tackling them both strategically and operationally.

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Tags: Leadership, Business Strategy

From beginner to influencer : Short notes on how to transform as a leader
October 22, 2020
Prologue: The who and what! : Characterizing the general profile of the aspirant
1. You are someone who has just entered the corporate hierarchy, based on a certain functional level skill, but you aspire to grow and establish within a ‘focus timeline’ into a leadership profile.
2. You are an mid-level specialist but you plan to diversify as an influential generalist( decision-maker)
3. You are a newbie/intermediate in the corporate workspace, but desire to build an inclusive tribe based on your passions and ambitions. (For this category, I suggest you to first have a go through my post on creating influence circle around you)

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Tags: Management, Leadership, Business Strategy

The mole is in the system : Why your new enterprise digitization program failed?
October 03, 2020
Problem Scenario : It’s day one at the office for Mike, as the new digitization consultant of the global multinational software company ‘Alpha’. He has been entrusted and assigned by the CEO with the task of revamping as well as well as figuring out the cracks and loopholes in the DigitalX enterprise transformation project 2020.

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Tags: Analytics, Digital Transformation, Digital Disruption

Artificial intelligence in supply chain management : Top 7 trends in 2020
September 13, 2020
In this article I attempt to provide a brief snapshot of how the AI-powered systems are driving the supply chain management field in 2020. These may include trends that are impactful breakthrough but still maturing as a sustainable solution as well as those in the post plateau and has matured into growth phase.

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Tags: AI, Supply Chain, Leadership

How to manage data assets for value creation (Part I): The role of data governance
August 28, 2020
Business processes through their inter-organizational and intra-organizational cross-functional interactions create large-scale information assets. These can be processes that describe workflows, transformations and other maneuvers, and in numerous ways manipulate the data. Each of them leave an imprint and its of vital strategic importance to delineate or govern the trace and access control of those imprints as a cohesive whole in the journey of the asset in its end-to-end lifecycle.So the raw imprint of asset becomes its refined blueprint with added value. In a way, information systems in modern enterprise solutions has to facilitate a data-value view of asset management.

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Tags: Management, Leadership, Data Center

How to get the enterprise data strategy ‘right’ : An introduction to reliable data integration
August 28, 2020
There is data flowing relentlessly resulting from the ever expansive information exchange between its creators and consumers .Organizations are more or less baffled by the spooky fluctuations in businesses processes,workflow and enterprise routines that is created by this massive flux of data in the conduct of businesses.Indeed its not a thing of coincidence that the lifecycle of every business processes can be punctuated as a function of data.However, how to qualify, evaluate and improve the multifarious and heterogeneous data for a comprehensive data management and governance strategy is the essential question.

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Tags: Big Data, Management, Business Strategy

Where lies the knowledge gap in your organization: An investigation
August 28, 2020

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Tags: Digital Transformation, Digital Disruption, Business Strategy

Leadership Roadmap 101
July 04, 2020
The subject of leadership has enchanted every man, in his trail for excellence. Most of the time, its seen as an over-night event of transformation that magically results from a spontaneous uni-dimensional reaction of a few popular ingredients like courage and confidence and external support system. …

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Tags: Management, Leadership, Business Strategy

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Digital intelligence for the 'End-to-end Knowledgeable Enterprise (E2EKE)'
November 22, 2020
In this edition of the series dedicated to laying the foundation of a 'knowledgeable enterprise', I am going to dive into a proposed blueprint for developing that resilient 'digital-intelligence' so that the digital transformation programs achieve their two most important goals-sustainable value and impact. My goal here is try to elucidate the much needed 360 approach to problem definition, analysis and resolution in comprehensive end to end information management, and refocus it for value-driven competitive intelligence. In the upcoming installments of this series addressing 'knowledgeable enterprise', I shall describe how to structure the roadmap for realizing this vision with required agility and flexibility while keeping the existing architectural and capability challenges at the forefront

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Tags: Analytics, Digital Transformation, Digital Disruption


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