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I recently took part in a podcast with Tony Lockwood from The Transformation Leaders Hub to speak about my change and transformation journey.

“Observing many companies in action, I am unable to point to a single instance in which stunning results were gotten without the active and personal leadership of the upper managers” Joseph M. Juran

Some of the things I talk about:
• Internal verses external Big Four consultant and the importance of trust
• You can’t do 10 or 20 transformations programmes and deliver normal day-to-day operations
• The importance of change leadership alignment and the five key elements:
1. Change History Assessment
2. 1:1 Leadership Interviews
3. Strategic Alignment Workshop
4. Develop High Performing Teams
5. Develop Leadership of Change Capability
• The employee Behaviour Change challenge
• Treating employees with respect during a change journey - future ambassadors of the organisation
• My four-legged stool
• ‘Tell’ verses ‘Sell’ change implementation
• Change management gamification

Key take away: The importance of engaging employees and fantastic communication is very important, but without a strong sponsor supported by the leadership team, you will not delivery sustainable change.

“I have yet to encounter a successful change implementation without an effective and proactive sponsor, backed by an aligned leadership team” ~ Peter F Gallagher

I hope you find this episode informative.

INSIDE TRACK PODCAST #21 was released last week:

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By Peter F Gallagher

Keywords: Leadership, Change Management, Business Strategy

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