Change Management Leadership - Subset Responsibility 1.2: Provide Competent Resources


“Articulating a change vision without the provision of competent resources is just an illusion”

Change Management Leadership - Leadership of Change® Volume 4

Resources are the employees who work for the organisation to deliver customer value, services and products. Their capabilities help drive competitive advantage and are critical in delivering sustainable change. To successfully deliver organisational change, you need the right resources with the right capability at the right time. Getting the right capability takes time and requires investment in recruitment, staffing, training, coaching, compensation, communication, and other human resource areas. It will not happen by accident or just by having a training department. Developing competent resources should be part of the organisation’s long-term strategy and every senior leader should be responsible for it.

One of the first and most important steps in any organisational change, transformation or improvement initiative should be preparing the leadership team, so they are set-up to successfully deliver the change. Some organisational leaders think their responsibility in a change is to approve the change budget, send out an e-mail with an attached presentation outlining the change and offer up any free (not necessarily competent) resources. However, the best leadership teams have purpose, they are aligned on their strategic objectives, they are a high performing team and have change leadership skills to navigate the change.

We now live in a period of technological revolution that will continue to fundamentally alter the way we live, work, and communicate with each another. Large organisations will be continuously pursuing high-priority strategic change initiatives. The increasing pace, complexity and unpredictability of change means that being able to implement change effectively and efficiently will determine an organisation’s future competitiveness. Organisations will have to become change capable and develop leaders with change skills and knowledge, and those with superior internal change capability will stay ahead in the marketplace.

Subset Responsibility #1.2: Provide Competent Resources is part of Change Management Leadership Responsibility #1: Articulate the Vision.

The other two responsibilities are:

#2: Model the New Way

#3 Intervene to Ensure Sustainable Change.

For further reading please refer to Change Management Leadership - Leadership of Change® Volume 4.

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