Change Management Adoption - Leadership of Change Volume 5: (Released on Kindle)


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Released on Amazon Kindle Jun 30th, 2021

Change Management Adoption: Achieving Employee Change Adoption in a major organisation change or transformation has mixed success, and the return on investment (ROI) benefits are not always realised. For change adoption to be successful, the leaders, sponsor and change team should support employees through the change transition by providing Awareness, Understanding, Involvement, Learning, and Motivation (AUILM®) for the change.

About this Book: Organisations are operating in an environment of rapid change and transformation, where success is dependent on employees adopting the new technology or way of working to improve operating performance and achieve the targeted ROI. The fact that successful implementation of the change or transformation is critical to the future viability of the organisation is sometimes not enough.

The Leadership of Change® Volume 5 focuses on how to achieve employee change adoption in a major organisation change or transformation using the AUILM® Employee Change Adoption Model. The AUILM® Model outlines the five key life cycle steps the employee goes through in the change transition. The model helps change teams to understand how employees tend to react during change and then supports them through the change, so resistance is minimised, and adoption is maximised. For change adoption to be successful, employees should be supported through the change transition, being provided with Awareness, Understanding, Involvement, Learning, and Motivation so the organisation can achieve sustainable change and benefits realisation. Change implementation focuses on aligning employees, processes, systems and leaders, it is also supported by the a2B Change Management Framework®(a2BCMF®).

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By Peter F Gallagher

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