a2B Change Management Framework (a2BCMF) - Step #7: Manage Resistance


7th Critical Organisational Change Implementation a2BCMF® Step - Execute Phase

Definition: Resistance is the reaction by the organisation, departments, or individuals when they perceive that an organisational change coming their way could be a threat to them. Without further awareness and understanding, this resistance will cause fear. It will trigger actions that negatively impact the pace of organisational change implementation, adoption of the new ways of working and benefits delivery.

“Nothing negatively impacts organisation performance quicker than an employee who resists change and who believes that the way they work today is the way they will work tomorrow”

Business Benefits: Change resistance can be a major obstacle in achieving change adoption and benefits realisation. The change team must understand this and have tactics to address resistance.

Business Objective: To prevent resistance developing by following the previous a2BCMF®steps and focusing on employee adoption. Achieving Employee Change Adoption in a major organisation change or transformation has mixed success, and the return on investment (ROI) benefits are not always realised. For change adoption to be successful, the leaders, sponsor and change team should support employees through the change transition by providing Awareness, Understanding, Involvement, Learning, and Motivation (AUILM®) for the change.

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By Peter F Gallagher

Keywords: Business Strategy, Change Management, Leadership

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