3 Perks of Having a Private Office Space


You know those days when you walk into the office, and someone is already telling you about their weekend, which would be fine if you hadn’t already had a 50-minute commute without any coffee? Perhaps you have a colleague who is obsessed with getting the whole office to talk about their opinions on last night’s episode when you really have something you need to complete. Or is there one person who likes to hammer the keys next to you, putting you off your thought process?

Whatever it is, distractions are always worse if you are trying to be productive, and private office space can make a great difference to your productivity.

Better Control 

Having your own space means you have a lot more control over what’s in it, who comes in it, what you want the environment to be like, and if you want it personalized. 

This can be an absolute game changer for people who are neurodivergent or those who need their own space to be comfortable. The sounds of the office can be particularly distracting, along with other people talking and walking around. Not to forget the temperature wars that can happen with heating or air conditioning! 

When you have a private office, you can have certain control over these variables that can make work life more comfortable. 


One of the best things about having an office is that you have your own privacy whenever you need it. This can be important if you are working on something that needs a certain level of confidentiality or if you need to make business calls that require discretion. 

It also means you can even close your eyes for 5 minutes to recenter yourself during a hectic day without anyone judging what you are doing with your time or focus and get all those emails answered, and the to-do list whittled down. 

Whatever privacy means to you, you will be able to have much more of it with a private office than if you work open plan. If this is important to you, then take a look at to find your perfect private workspace.

Better Health

It is no secret that offices are a ‘germ fest’, and when that one person always comes in with a cold, you can bet the rest of the office is on the hook to get it too.

This is where private offices can really pay for themselves. Sick days are important, but for many freelancers, they are not covered. If you have a private office, you can keep yourself away from everyone else’s sneezes and sniffles and keep that exposure to a minimum. Just remember to wipe down any shared spaces you use if you brave them!

A private space to work in is a luxury, but it can be well worth its weight in gold if you value being in more control over your surroundings, privacy, and avoiding getting sick, to name just a few! 

By Adam Torkildson

Keywords: Business Strategy

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