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Sean Melancon

President & Founder at CAMCRETE

Corpus Christi, United States

Father | Entrepreneur | Inventor | Artist | Thought Leader

We work in a collaborative effort with industry professionals through assisting the supply chain in various industries. A portion of the success is achieved by selective sourcing of goods and the innovative design of products that exceed our standards.

We stand behind our slogan -
"Innovate Today. Concrete Future."


-Innovative new products to assist with the challenges of today and the future of our supply chain. We
also specialize in the unique ability to solve issues that have either been difficult to advance in todays
changing market or has been overlooked due to hyperfocus in other key areas of the industry.

-Successful products or services on the market that can be uniquely re-purposed in another industry,
including expanded functionality. This may decrease cost, increase manufacturing/logistic capabilities,
or increase market share for your client.

-Provide competitive edge in 4 key areas we believe are most beneficial.

-Allocate Current goods that exceed industry standards by certain factors matching our client
and our core values. Also, that remain "cutting-edge" in design and adds benefits even with today's
standards. In addition, adaptive qualities that will allow the product to transition into the future.


Clients, engineer or architect requests, and the overall lack of functionality in certain aspects of the world around us gives us the design challenges we thrive to solve. Modular and sustainable design is something we look to add to our entire design with the supply chain and cities of the future in mind. We strive to remain the best at what we do by collaborating with our customers, cross-mapping industry materials or ideas, critical thought, analysis, and creativity.

Favorite quote in relation to describing issues that I see in the business world today

"We can not solve problems with the same thinking we used when we created them."
-Albert Einstein

Available For: Advising, Consulting, Speaking
Travels From: Corpus Christi, TX

Speaking Fee $1,000

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Company Type: Company
Business Unit: Material Supplier
Theatre: North America
Last Media Interview: 02/16/2021

Areas of Expertise

Customer Experience
Emerging Technology
Future of Work
Innovation 30.04
Leadership 30.87
Smart Cities 92.22
Supply Chain 33.77
Sustainability 38.24

Industry Experience

Building Materials, Clay & Glass
Engineering & Construction
Higher Education & Research
Professional Services
Wholesale Distribution

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1 Article/Blog
Weekly newsletter by Sean Melancon of Camcrete and ShipSafeHome- Issue #1
February 17, 2021
Bees survive by cross-pollination, and are the inventors of the hexagon shape which is the one of the strongest structural shapes on earth. We have to learn something from these insects and possibly help adapt to our rapidly changing global market and supply chain.

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Tags: Innovation, Supply Chain, Leadership

1 Executive
President, Camcrete
July 01, 2019
Working together with industry professionals to supply, source, and design innovative products through solid business strategy, relationship building, critical analysis and creativity.

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Tags: Supply Chain, Business Strategy, Smart Cities

1 Founder
Introducing Trigon Future!
Trigon Future
March 03, 2021
A modern consulting and design firm collaborating with professionals across all industries. We specialize in concrete construction, supply chain, manufacturing, smart cities, hospitality, and much more. We use critical thought, mapping, discovery, problem solving, and creativity to integrate sustainable and modular product designs.

More details in regards to our focus when consulting and designing with other successful businesses.

Please contact us for questions or comments and we will release more information soon.

Transforming Tomorrow...........Together

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Tags: Smart Cities, Supply Chain, Sustainability

1 Panel
The Future of Modularity For Sustainable Designs and Packaging
World Mail & Express Americas Conference (WMX Americas)
April 15, 2021
With the Paris Climate Agreement framework slowly coming into play, last-mile operators are having to adapt, with some even going above and beyond to be more sustainable. Making a positive impact not only on customers, but also to our very fragile environment, has never been more important. Leaders from leading logistics players will be sharing their work in the hope of teaching others effective and successful strategies in the world of sustainability.

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Tags: Sustainability, Leadership, Smart Cities

2 Patent Pendings
Trigon Consulting and Design Firm Introduction
March 01, 2021
Brief introduction to Trigon Consulting and Design Firm including branding information, core values, and links to contact us Trigon will officially open March 1, 2021 and the website will be released soon.

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Tags: Sustainability, Supply Chain, Leadership

February 12, 2021
Our world is changing fast and the supply chain is rapidly becoming a more critical component of our daily lives. We have developed an underground container system to secure your deliveries until you arrive at home. We are looking to further develop this patent pending design with industry leaders, city planners, engineers, or entrepreneurs. Please email for inquiries.

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Tags: Sustainability, Supply Chain, Leadership

2 Videos
Shipsafe: Underground Package and Mail Delivery Container
February 13, 2021
Our world is changing fast and the supply chain is rapidly becoming a more critical component of our daily lives. We have developed an underground container system to secure your deliveries until you arrive at home. We are looking to further develop this patent pending design with industry leaders, city planners, engineers, or entrepreneurs. Please email for inquiries.

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Tags: Sustainability, Supply Chain, Leadership

Motzblock by Camcrete
Camcrete, LLC
December 10, 2020
Motzblock is a High Molecular Weight, High Density Polyethylene earth retainer block that is used to prevent expansive soil migration under suspended building foundations. It is specified by many of the top structural engineers, architects, and army corps of engineers when planning a foundation in areas of expansive clay soil. This product has been a proven high performing earth retainer block in the industry for over 20 years.

One unique characteristic of this product is in regards to the shipping capabilities.

Supply Chain: 2 people can easily carry 88LF or 22 pieces of Motzblock vs. the same quantity of concrete blocks weighing an estimate of 3,000lbs. Motzblock also nests inside of each other allowing for up to 350-750 pieces per pallet.

For more information please contact Sean Melancon:

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Tags: Leadership, Supply Chain, Sustainability



1 Article/Blog
Supply Chain and Market Cross-Pollination
February 17, 2021
Bees survive by cross-pollination, and are inventors of the hexagon shape which is one of the strongest structural designs on earth. We could learn something from them by increasing our efforts to cross-pollinate in our rapidly changing global market and supply chain. The Supply Chain Network is a very impressive group of leaders that I have recently started to spend more time learning from. Their goal is to progress, streamline, and innovate the supply chain using a straight forward approach with open communication between everyone. They value team collaboration with colleagues, customers, founders, management, as well as their competing supply chain networks. New product designs, data collection, diversity, modular packaging, recycled packaging, volume container reduction, analytics, IT development, streamlined logistics, and of course a handful of manufacturing topics are all on the discussion boards. Also, sourcing new sustainable material without slowing or disrupting the supply chain in a negative aspect. Think............ manufacturers' capabilities now and for the future. In addition, finding creative designs that not only use new innovative materials, but also look to incorporate or use proven materials currently on the market. Customer experience at the end of the day is the most important and they haven't forgotten this key aspect either. During a recent podcast the host was asked this question and his answer was simple "at the end of the day it all comes down to customer experience". Sometimes in business we have become almost inept in perceiving what the customers needs are and how these needs are changing with the market trends and the world around them. My perspective is that continued education (self-taught, higher-level, job experience, etc) in what interest you in business, knowledge from your peers, and keeping a leaders mentality throughout your career are imperative to achieve a high level of success. Also, after working from the ground up in two separate industries, I began to realize using knowledge from one industry could teach me valuable things about the other. An example unrelated to my personal experience is sometimes the Health Industry gains knowledge or insight from the Aviation industry. Most likely the safety division is the most important for this situation. It is another way as the old phrase says "look from outside the bottle......inside of your company" or "think outside the box". This past year I created a comparison industry-mapping chart with a painted chalkboard on my living room wall. Some interesting insights on how industries could benefit from each other or where there may be deficiency's were revealed. Subjects cross-analyzed are as follows, employee culture and training, innovative trends,, safety, accounting procedures, IT development, material sourcing, logistic changes, HR, customer service, procurement, and health programs. There will be updates with more details in articles to come, however there are several intellectual properties involved at the moment regarding product designs. I do plan to write another newsletter for April and May and here are a couple things we will discuss. -The other aspect of the hexagonal shape from the cover picture in this article on a molecular level and what the future may hold. -Modular packaging more in depth and how we can incorporate this into the product design and find sustainable packaging materials. Lastly, any readers that are in High School, College, Tech School, or School of Hard Knocks. Please take a close look at the Supply Chain, Smart Cities, Innovation, and Leadership sectors of the business world. This industry encompass most fields or business that you may be interested in, all while working with a diverse group of people and helping to better the world we live in. Just like the bees cross-pollinating it can be life changing to integrate a similar method into your business, industry, or personal life.

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Tags: Sustainability, Supply Chain, Smart Cities


1 Business
Trigon Future

Location: Internet    Date Available: March 01st, 2021    Fees: $250 per hour

Submission Date: February 22nd, 2021    Service Type: Service Offered

Trigon is a new startup company launching March 1, 2021

Camcrete and Shipsafe have their vision focused on the future of #smartcities #supplychain and #innovation. We have been developing Trigon for 2 years to be a focused driven business on consulting and design, also allowing us to remain streamlined and concentrating on our core objectives with Camcrete and ShipSafe. Our experience in varied industries, success with Camcrete, and valued customer feedback will help guide us to assist our existing client base and future partnerships. We plan to use this knowledge, along with a creative and specific approach to offer something new and unique in the consulting business. We will also gradually offer future design and branding services in conjunction with this process. This company is going to start as a small firm as we continue to develop our brand across our portfolio and ensure that we remain true to our core values. Please visit one of the following for more information.

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