Supply Chain and Market Cross-Pollination


The Supply Chain is a very impressive group of leaders that I have recently started to network and learn from for less than a year. They value team collaboration with colleagues, customers, founders, management, as well as their competing supply chain networks with the goal to progress, innovate, and streamline entire process. This is a great example of building a foundation that will lead to success in the supply chain and global market.

New product designs, modular packaging, recycled packaging, volume container reduction, analytics, IT development, streamlined logistics, and of course a handful of manufacturing topics are all on the discussion boards. Sourcing new sustainable materials, with caution to improve, without slowing or disrupting the supply chain. In addition, finding creative designs that allow for the use of existing proven materials can be a great benefit. If this sector of the global industry continues to cross-pollinate in multiple industries, recruiting additional talent from outside their sector, and continue with their ideas then I believe they will also have a major affect on changes worldwide in many other aspects as well.

My perspective is that studying and learning your business throughout your career is imperative. However, after working from the ground up in two separate industries, I began to realize the knowledge from both can create synergy with each other. It reminds me of the phrase stop thinking “inside the bottle or box”.

We have become almost blind to perceive how our customers needs are changing, what trends are taking place, seeing the future, and not allocating talented people outside your industry. After analyzing a comparison industry mapping chart for months on my painted chalkboard wall. It became more focused in regards to which of these industries had a void or stall of one or more of the following.

Employee culture and training, innovative trends,, safety, accounting procedures, IT development, material sourcing, logistic changes, HR, customer service, procurement, health programs, and many more.

I would like to end this by showing a few examples of what I have wrote about above. Below are a few concepts we have developed over the years applying this model, listening to what our customers needs, adapting without losing the core, and using predictive trends in our design department. In the next article we will discuss packaging more in depth and an exciting idea we would like to share. I suggest to any of you that are in High School or College age reading this article that you look at the Supply Chain, Smart Cities, Innovation, and Leadership sectors of the business world. These sections of the business world are engaging, exciting, rewarding, diverse, and you are working to better the world we all share. Just like the bees cross-pollinating I believe it is crucial to perform some level of this in your business, even if your only trying to spark new ideas and processes to integrate.

By Sean Melancon

Keywords: Innovation, Supply Chain, Smart Cities

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