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Macdonald Ndovi

Managing Consultant- International Business at Macdonald Ndovi

Harare, Zimbabwe

“Macdonald loves switching on light bulbs within organisations and people – facilitating new possibilities of business transformation.'' My passion is all about business transformation through marketing and business development.

Over the years I have always been fascinated by how illogical yet logical the human brain functions. The emotive aspects of a human being and how that can be tapped to nurture, develop, and grow a brand or an organisation. The challenge, yet solution for the same lying in how communication can be used to persuade, convince customers, and tap into both their rational and irrational emotive functions.

I do apply the same thinking in my role as well as in my leadership. Because whether you are making external connections with partners and customers or internal connections with the team, you are trying to tap into the fun and irrationality of their thinking. When this is done well it births great ideas, influences a positive outcome, and scales up growth at an organisation and personal development levels.

Over the last two decades of progressive hands-on wealth of transferable skills gained, l have helped organisations in providing integrated business and marketing solutions to diverse clients globally, including high valued individual and fast-growing organizations. Greater success through closing significant deals. Possesses a commitment to delivering customer service excellence through delivers complex projects within demanding time and the ability to reduce costs by implementing digital transformation processes that are more efficient. Maximizes profits by analysing both new business development and financial enablement trends hence providing advice and guidance to colleagues.

Some key Achievements: -
•Awarded with a few Accolades as an African Business Champion for consistent outstanding performance.
•Conducted brand passion sessions for clients which translated to a rise in product sales by 20%.
•Exploited potential markets which increased sales by 11% and market share to 18%.

Available For: Advising, Authoring, Influencing, Speaking
Travels From: Harare, Zimbabwe, Africa
Speaking Topics: Digital Transformation, Leadership, Market_ Trade_ Investments Trends

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Total 12

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Thought Leader Profile

Portfolio Mix

Company Information

Company Type: Individual
Business Unit: Technology Business Transformation; Marketing ,Business Development, Trade and Investments
Theatre: Africa
Media Experience: 12
Last Media Training: 12/11/2019
Last Media Interview: 12/03/2020

Areas of Expertise

Business Continuity 31.83
Business Strategy 30.12
Change Management
Customer Experience 30.29
Customer Loyalty
Digital Disruption 30.14
Digital Transformation 30.04
Diversity and Inclusion
Emerging Technology
Entrepreneurship 30.26
Future of Work
Health and Wellness 30.26
HealthTech 30.28
Mental Health 30.43
Mergers and Acquisitions
Open Innovation
Project Management
Public Relations
Risk Management

Industry Experience

Agriculture & Mining
Building Materials, Clay & Glass
Consumer Products
Engineering & Construction
Financial Services & Banking
Higher Education & Research
Industrial Machinery & Components
Real Estate
Travel & Transportation
Wholesale Distribution

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1 Media Interview
Business and consumers interacting - AI for customer service By Macdonald Ndovi
Macdonald Ndovi
January 12, 2021
There is no denying that artificial intelligence (AI) is popping up everywhere in consumers’ daily lives. But for many businesses, AI is more than hype—it’s an important part of how they do business and connect with their customers.

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Tags: Business Continuity, Business Strategy, Customer Experience

2 Miscellaneouss
Executive Boards transition in using technology (AI) by Macdonald Ndovi
Macdonald Ndovi
January 12, 2021
#Boards must be attuned to #Tech #Trends and #Opportunities.

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Tags: AI, Business Strategy, Business Continuity

Technology Trends that will transform the next Decade - Vision 2030
Macdonald Ndovi
January 06, 2021
As we prepare to enter the next decade, a number of businesses are being transformed by technology in a variety of ways. From artificial intelligence (AI) to the threat of cyberattack, here are the biggest technology trends that will transform telecoms in the next decade..

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Tags: AI, Digital Disruption, Emerging Technology

2 Presentations
Cheers to Change in 2021! A Positive Start this New Year-Digital strategy in a time of crisis
Macdonald Ndovi
January 08, 2021
At this point, you and your team has likely dialed in on a strategy for the new year.
To execute on the bigger goals and objectives we set out to achieve in the new year, we need to walk in guns blazing.
These bigger goals and objectives often come with a shift in operations, mindset, or general execution strategies.

It is important to identify that a change that you and your employees are going to endure. There is going to be need for total organisational change management in the new normal of technology changes
Whether it is a minor change in operations or a complete business and digital transformations.

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Tags: Business Continuity, Digital Disruption, Digital Transformation

Entrepreneur Perfect Formula for Year 2021 By Macdonald Ndovi
Macdonald Ndovi
January 02, 2021
What a perfect formula this is for an ambitious entrepreneur. Below is the three points to live with;

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Tags: Business Continuity, Customer Experience, Entrepreneurship

1 Video
"Moments in Life" by Macdonald Ndovi
Macdonald Ndovi
January 05, 2021
There are moments in life when you miss someone so much that you just want to pick them from your dreams and hug them for real! So cherish them while they are with you.

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Tags: Health and Wellness, HealthTech, Mental Health

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1 Business
Investments Business Development Innovative Business & Digital Transformation Advising & Consulting

Location: Worldwide    Date Available: July 07th, 2021     Fees: Variable Based on Scope

Submission Date: January 06th, 2021     Service Type: Service Offered

As a Business Development, Africa Investments Placements, Business & Digital Transformation advisor, my mission is to help you leverage organizations with the following.

- Business Transformation (BT) Strategy & Road map
- BT Strategy Implementation
- Africa Investments- Route to Market- Due Diligence- Business Development and Product Launch
- Technology Strategy
- Innovation Strategy
- Customer Experience and Loyalty
- Business Models
- Revenue Models
- Innovation for Mature Products and Services
- Disruptive Innovation
- Organizational Transformation

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