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Pat Armitstead

Joyologist at Joyology

Brisbane, Australia

Referred to as “Australasias answer to Patch Adams “ Pat is the epitomy of good humour, unwavering positivity and creativity. She has a rare capacity to meld her creativity and compassion to champion the human spirit leading people to find joy where it appeared there was none. Mike Hutcheson Ex MD of Saatchi and Saatchi Auckland said of her " Pat is one of the most emotionally intelligent people I know"

Pat led her unique Stress, Humour and Health program at Auckland University for over a decade and conducted a boutique grieving program for the same period. Her Mental Health in the Workplace program has been hailed as a game changer, with the most recent clients being 450 leaders from Programmed, a company with 26,000 staff.

Robyn Stent, former Health and Disability Commissioner, New Zealand said "Pat is one of the most positive, energetic people I have ever met. ?She adds enormous value to the quality of environments. It's high time we focussed on proactive prevention of health problems and stress. "

Her unique personal perspectives, traumatic past, repeated losses and eventual mastery as a Multi Award Winning Speaker, TV and Radio Host and Exhibiting Artist are a rare combination of talents. A master storyteller she combines Positive Psychology principles, Emotional Intelligence, and Neuroscience with real human experiences to bring understanding and meaning to life events.

Pat has transformed 1000’s of lives through her events, and her multi award winning radio program which was honoured with a Civic Mayoral Reception for its contribution to the countries wellbeing. She prides herself on being able to create high trust environments very quickly and to create the space for safe, vulnerable sharing.,

Pat says "You cant lift your bottom line if people are down" and with emotional and conversational intelligence we can influence and reduce the current incidence of stress related illness, anxiety, depression and suicide ideation .

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Speaking Topics: Transforming Workplace Wellbeing- Humour Engagement and Wellbeing - Conscious Leadership in Troubled Times

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1 eBook
ANTIZAC - A joyful prescription for the unhappiness epidemic
Pat Armitstead
August 05, 2012
Human beings are meant to be joyful, light-hearted and happy. And yet at the start of the new millennium we, in the so-called sophisticated Western world, are witnessing an overwhelming epidemic of unhappiness like never before. In recent years we have medicalised this unhappiness – in 2008, more than 164 million prescriptions for antidepressants were written by doctors in the USA. This in my humble opinion is silly – very silly. Because the roots of our problems are not chemical – rather they are to be found in our strained relationships with others, our world, and ourselves. We are in danger of losing sight of our souls.

On the other hand Pat Armitstead, the world’s first Joyologist, and my good and trusted friend, is far from silly. Playful - yes; funny – rib-ticklingly so; and wise – as the wisest owl; but silly she is not. This short book is packed with surprising and valuable insights into Pat’s life’s work, and with her generous tips to help us regain our birth-right of joy. She shows us how we can become truly happy by helping others. Moreover, she shows us that if we make a commitment to be joyful and to share this joy with others, our lives flow more smoothly as we experience true spiritual health and wealth.

Pat Armitstead’s ANTIZAC will sit proudly for many years to come in my waiting room bookshelf.

I will prescribe it freely.

Dr Robin Kelly

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Tags: Health and Wellness, Leadership, Mental Health

1 Webinar
Consciopus Leadership in Troubled times
Pat Armitstead
June 02, 2020
Webinar presentation to support leaders movinmg through the Covid Experience

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Tags: Health and Wellness, Leadership, Mental Health

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Transforming Workplace Wellbeing - Building conscious leadership

Location: Virtual    Date Required: July 31st, 2020     Payment: 7000

Submission Date: July 11th, 2020     Service Type: Service Needed

A program designed to build a safe, supportive 21st century workplace culture where leaders are educated and skilled to embrace vulnerability and the human condition with empathy, compassion and confidence.
Malcolm Deery, from Programmed said :_
"Pat is highly engaging as she shares compelling stories about well being, self worth and gratitude. Her work leading corporate groups around these matter is excellent and highly recommended."

Pat says "Across the globe, many people lack joy, harmony, trust and are prone to doubt. They have become despondent and depressed, fail to be their word, sit in overwhelm, and are resigned and intolerant.

Others show cynicism and act confused , and many lack confidence all of which results in emotional flatlining, lack of engagement , poor productivity and more recently, unresolved grief, poor mental health and suicides."

For almost 40 years now Pat has been coaching and facilitating programs that enable people to experience wellbeing in their lives. Anxiety, depression, grief and loss take their toll and for some the pressures have been too great. ?

Pat sees crisis as a catalyst for personal growth and ongoing transformation, enabling high levels of intimate communication and authentic expression.

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Pat Armitstead