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Dean Meyers

Publisher/Consultant at VizWorld

New York, United States

"Be Brave and Iterate" : Design Thinking and Innovation Consultant, Trainer and Facilitator

Available For: Authoring, Consulting, Influencing, Speaking
Travels From: New York City
Speaking Topics: Design Thinking, Cultural Innovation, Applied Visual Thinking

Speaking Fee $3,500

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Company Information

Company Type: Company
Business Unit: Consulting & Training
Theatre: North America/Europe
Media Experience: 8 Years

Areas of Expertise

Business Strategy 32.58
Change Management 34.90
Design Thinking 35.96
Innovation 30.18
HR 30.08

Industry Experience

Aerospace & Defense
Federal & Public Sector
Financial Services & Banking
High Tech & Electronics
Professional Services

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1 Article/Blog
Innovation defined by the Ops Paradigm: Where do people fit?
March 08, 2019
It wasn’t just the Virtual Machines. Or the Cloud. Or acronyms that ended with “as a Service”. At least it didn’t seem to seem like serious disruption was going to march down the halls and make upper management really have to juggle the org chart and really cozy up to the head of IT (was there a Chief Technical Officer, or just the Director of Technology?)

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Tags: Design Thinking, Innovation, HR

1 Book
The World of Visual Facilitation
The Visual Connection Publishers
August 05, 2019
A comprehensive distillation of methods, processes, and thought leadership on the current state of applied visual thinking focused on "Visual Facilitation" applied to all forms of professional work with groups, coaching, design thinking processes and other applications in business and education.

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Tags: Business Strategy, Change Management, Design Thinking

14 Videos
Gene Kim Author of The Unicorn Project on DevOps and Business Innovation
Import from
December 05, 2019

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Tony Fernandes of UE Group on UX and Design Thinking
Import from
November 24, 2019

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VizWorld Interview with Ge Wang
Import from
December 07, 2018

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Flagging at the Park - Hoops VR
Import from
August 02, 2018

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Import from
June 02, 2018

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Interview with Jim Malcolm of HumanEyes about Vuze
Import from
September 08, 2017

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AWE 2017 MOCAP Suite from ROKOKO
Import from
June 12, 2017

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AWE 2017 a Visit to the Playground
Import from
June 12, 2017

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Tom Furness Interview at AWE 2017
Import from
June 04, 2017

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Visiting AltSpaceVR with Bruce Wooden (@cymaticbruce)
Import from
May 12, 2017

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Draco Dynamic Drawing from Autodesk
Import from
February 14, 2017

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Top 10 trends show why 5G will matter
Import from
January 06, 2017

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CES 2017 VizWorld First takes
Import from
January 06, 2017

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VizWorld Live Stream
Import from
September 20, 2016

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1 Article/Blog
Sheltering at Home and Managing Innovation Remotely
May 04, 2020
Innovation can come with small changes, or with a single email. Or one meeting with a screenful of the faces of the workforce showing up all at once. What happens when the hierarchy of workflow and decision making is wiped out by a mix of asynchronous and synchronous communication, with the immediacy of the current pandemic forcing decisions to be made NOW? Change, pivot, change again, respond, measure, react, propose. The is the action side of my little motto, #bebraveanditerate - it will be a different environment in 7 days or less!

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Tags: Change Management, Design Thinking, Innovation


1 Business
Design Thinking and Strategic Scenario Planning Training and Facilitation

Location: Virtual (Worldwide Remote) and    Date Available: February 17th, 2020    Fees: Assessments priced at standard

Submission Date: February 17th, 2020    Service Type: Service Offered

Is Innovation and Transformation a mandate in your strategic plan, yet you haven't found the right method to make that happen? Have you engaged in M&A activity and found the disruption was more from attrition, stagnation or stalled initiatives, and failed cultural change? There is no one, singular "right way" way to make innovation happen, start with an assessment (Standardized assessments including DiSC®, MBTI, Simplexity® and Innovation 360®) and build a program and plan that works for you, based on human-centered design/design thinking and takes into account where BigData, data science and AI will keep you in the game.

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