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Gab Ciminelli

Founder at Silent Leadership Institute

Tsukuba, Japan

Founder Silent Leadership Institute, Japan
* Speaker on The Art of Nothing * Audiobook Narrator * Writer * Happy as Hell Podcast Creator - can humanity break completely free of fear?

Available For: Authoring, Consulting, Speaking
Travels From: Tokyo
Speaking Topics: Mental Health; Philosophy; Spirituality; Well-being; Love; Compassion; Relationships

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6 Article/Blogs
The Nothing Blog
Silent Leadership Institute
March 04, 2022
The world needs a revolutionary radical change in consciousness - one that would help us understand what compassion really is. Is it possible to break completely free of conditioning to discover life as you will never be able to imagine?

The end of war and suffering and prejudice that everyone seeks is not to be sought, bought, nor fought! The blog that "ends it"!

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Tags: Diversity and Inclusion, Health and Wellness, Mental Health

It's when everyone is telling you NO that you have to say YES!
Gab Ciminealli
April 20, 2021
Life happens on the other side of no. At least it has in my experience. Every single time I’ve shared my dream with someone, or an aspiration that I had, they’ve always given me an excuse to say “no”. It’s especially alarming when it comes from someone I love. That’s when I know I have to say YES! I have the history to prove it!

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Tags: Social, Leadership, Culture

To Hug or Not to Hug? There is a more important question.
Gab Ciminelli
February 22, 2021
If you know me, you’ll know just how much I talk about the importance of hugging. Now, in this era of what people call, “the new normal”, hugging is fast becoming a taboo. Something that is forbidden out of fear you will spread the disease or catch something nasty. What is a year of practicing distancing really doing to our human nature as people and why do I insanely insist on continuing to hug?

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Tags: Culture, Leadership, Social

Grow Your Hair For Love and Health
January 09, 2021
The events around the world must be frightening for many. For me, it's time to start raising consciousness in the world that the answers are NOT about bickering, fighting, war, arguing about who is right and who is wrong, blame and apathy. We always seem to be proving to each other who is right and wrong. When will we realize that it's not important. What is important instead, is to learn how to rise above it.

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Tags: Social, Leadership, Culture

10 Ways to Build Stronger Relationships Whilst Working Remotely
Gab Ciminealli
December 20, 2020
Compliment someone for work they have done - it’s a tough time and it sometimes takes a lot of extra energy to do things. Never take anything anyone does for granted. Make them feel appreciated.

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Tags: Social, Leadership, Culture

How to Reduce Fear of Disease
March 27, 2020
Recent events have fueled anxiety and fear, particularly in public places. We are told to wear masks, reduce physical contact, disinfect hands, gargle, stay home, avoid public places, etc. This is on top of all the existing illnesses we were already faced with before all of this happened.

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Tags: Social, Leadership, Culture

1 Keynote
There is no "way" to happiness... But there is this!
Silent Leadership Institute
October 20, 2022
Is happiness really a choice?
Why are we always seeking happiness?
Does happiness live in the realm of time?

A compelling unbiased talk to help you self-inquire into what happiness really is, why is cannot live or be driven by anything the mind creates, and that there is nothing to seek.

This talk will leave you refreshed, with a renewed look at life, and the joyous energy to act on a passion that comes from being in alignment with what is.

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Tags: Coaching, Diversity and Inclusion, Mental Health

1 Miscellaneous
APAC Golden-Key June Spotlight
Golden Key
June 04, 2021
Yet, there was one thing that constantly disappointed me in all my career positions: how people were being managed (or mismanaged). I repeatedly saw signs of micromanagement, employees being burned out, yelled at, mistreated and ultimately isolated. I experienced all of them to the point where I too became depressed and needed to consider turning things around, Mahatma Gandhi-style: “Be the change you wish to see”!

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Tags: Change Management, Culture, Management

1 Podcast
Happy as Hell
Gab Ciminelli
March 04, 2022
Is there any reason to "chase" happiness? Is it even possible on earth or do we live in an illusion and this is actually hell? The secret to living an extraordinary life is within you - that's why it's called a secret. I'll be sharing what you can do to tap-into that secret and be an incredible human.

Join me as we attempt to go beyond identity, beyond fear and find out if happiness does really exist, is it sustainable, and can we ever really be happy on earth...or wait, is this really hell?

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Tags: Culture, Health and Wellness, Leadership

1 Video
The End of War, Conflict, Violence
Silent Leadership Institute
May 17, 2022
Is it possible to end war, conflict, violence? I say it is. There are just a few things we need to understand about ourselves, first.

Love and peace everyone,

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Tags: Health and Wellness, Mental Health

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