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Geri Schneider Winters

Founder at Wyyzzk, Inc.

San Francisco Bay Area, United States

Geri Schneider Winters is a polymath with a wide range of interests. She loves bringing all that knowledge to bear when solving large, complex problems. Because of that, she is frequently found guiding business transformations at large companies.

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Travels From: San Francisco, California

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7 Article/Blogs
What is a Product Owner?
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March 04, 2019
I see so much confusion around the role of Product Owner. A lot of the reason is that Scrum does not really specify anything except how a group of people will work together to achieve a purpose. All the roles are poorly defined. This was to provide maximum flexibility to allow Scrum to be applied [&

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Tags: Marketing, Change Management

Do We Need Managers? Number 1 Kindle free Business Book This Week
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June 21, 2018
Here is the screen shot showing the books number one rank for Organizational Change and Management. It is also in the top ten for short reads in business and money.  Thank you to everyone who got a copy. It makes me happy to know this is a topic that people are interested in .

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Geri’s New Book available June 19! Free June 19, 20, 21 on Kindle
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June 15, 2018
My newest book “Do We Need Managers?” has been published in print and on Kindle. So many companies are experimenting with complete self-management. There are regular news reports of yet another company throwing out all the managers. While I have certainly seen plenty of bad managers in m

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Data Privacy Policies
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May 11, 2018
See our Privacy Policy page for details about the data we may collect from visitors and other users of this site. We do not necessarily collect all that data, but it is possible. At this point in time, this site is not active and exists as an archive of information. So we actually collect less [R

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Tags: Cybersecurity, Privacy

Taking a Hiatus
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July 10, 2016
Tom, Kyle, Mike, and I have been pursuing various projects lately and have not really had time to write on this blog. But there is a lot of great information here, so do feel free to browse around. Tom is currently focused on his blog at Tom Meloche Blog Geri is currently working on publishing a [&

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Launch of Geri’s Latest Book
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March 16, 2016
Did you get your free Bonus Materials for my new book “Why Agile is Failing at Large Companies (and what you can do so it won’t fail at yours)”? Visit the book website at and click the BONUS Materials link on the upper right of the page. You can also

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Tags: Management

Scrum Roles – One Liners
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March 03, 2016
Scrum Master – enable the scrum team to work as efficiently and effectively as possible Product Owner – ensure there is a steady stream of well-defined valuable work available for the scrum team to work on Team Member – work together to deliver high-quality production ready result

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Tags: Management

4 Books
Do We Need Managers? Investigating Management's Role in the Information Age
Ty yn Goch Forrest Publications
April 19, 2018
Fire All the Managers!!

Google, Valve, W.L. Gore & Associates, The Morning Star Company, and Menlo Innovations have all experimented with more self-management, some more successfully than others. There are whole organizations dedicated to teaching company founders and executives how to create a flatter more self-managed business.

Is this a feasible goal? Should companies be self-managed? Can companies be self-managed? What can more traditional companies learn from companies that are flatter and more self-managed?

Ms. Winters explores the management role as it developed from pre-industrial age to the present, considering what managers did then and what they do today. She explores management behavior that is toxic to the company and behavior that is of value. Finally, Ms. Winters suggests strategies for reducing the number of managers at a company and suggests steps for managers to take to transition to a role that better fits a flatter company structure.

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Tags: Culture, Leadership, Management

21 Productivity Hacks for Knowledge Workers
Ty yn Goch Forrest Publications
November 10, 2016
Would you like more time?

No one can make you more time (except in the realm of Science Fiction), but there are things you can do to get your work done faster, so you have more time available to do the things you want to do.

Ms. Winters reviews a variety of practices to help you reduce busy work and wasted time, and practices that help you be more efficient when doing productive work. An extra 'bonus' hack is specifically addressed to those who are less effective due to anxiety.

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Tags: Management, Culture, Future of Work

Why Agile is Failing at Large Companies (and what you can do so it won't fail at yours)
Ty yn Goch Forrest Publications
December 31, 2015
The dirty little secret, the thing no one wants to talk about, is that changing your software development practices to be one flavor or another of Agile may be a bad thing for other parts of your company. Changing those other parts of your company so it all fits together again may be so expensive that the return on the investment is not worth it.

Before jumping on the Agile bandwagon, before starting down the path of tearing your company apart and rebuilding it, spend a little time investigating how big the change might be and if it will be worth it.

Ms. Winters reviews a variety of software development practices, both Agile and those that pre-date Agile, to give you some ideas of what adopting those practices might mean to other parts of your company. Procurement, accounting, human resources, facilities, portfolio, risk and compliance, and security are just a few areas that can be impacted by the adoption of Agile software development practices.

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Tags: Management, Culture, Agile

Applying Use Cases, Second Edition: A Practical Guide
Addison-Wesley Professional
March 23, 2001
The original edition of Applying Use Cases was the first published book devoted to the topic of use cases - and an instant best seller. Schneider and Winters showed us not only how to write use cases, but what to do with them throughout a full incremental development lifecycle. The second edition was updated to UML 2.0 and expanded to show how to write use cases for business, and how to flow business use cases into software.

Applying Use Cases: A Practical Guide has been used in professional training in business analysis, Agile development, software architecture, and project management. It has also been the required text for project management courses at many universities.

This popular book has been continuously in print worldwide for over 15 years. It is available English, Polish, and Japanese editions.

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Tags: Customer Experience, Design Thinking, Project Management

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Enterprise Agile Coach

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Lead coach of an Enterprise Agile transformation with the responsibility of working with senior leadership to determine the overall plan and guide that plan to completion. This typically includes creating training materials and internal communications, determining and collecting metrics, reporting regularly on progress to senior leadership, and leading a team of Agile coaches who are co-located with the teams they are coaching.

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