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Ana Fragua González

President at "For WOMEN"

Madrid, Spain
skype: afraguago

Career Mission Statement: To Provide Professional Services to the Pymes in Spain and Latin America, aimed at managing their intangibles, using a methodology developed specifically to measure the social impact through the use of experiential marketing and communication.

Due to her experience, Ana can help Pymes to obtain and create greater value to its stakeholders.

Among other activities, Ana is engaged in postgraduate training new professionals on the DNA of 21st century marketing, based on customer, communication, cost-benefit and convenience.

Ana is the CEO & founder of Social Impact Leadership whose objectives are based on the new leaders union on the 3.0 change, those who want to champion companies with a new set of values: Transparent, democratic, facilitative, sustainable human contribution.

Ana is trained in relationship marketing, customer relationship management, e-commerce, Data Base Marketing, Customer Experience Management, advertising, content management.

Her resolution capability, enables her to address the problems and needs of the company from different angles, thus obtaining innovative solutions tailored to each client.

Her social skills are based on providing empathy, connection, co creation and contribution, for engaging stakeholders and creating integral value in organizations.

Ana has created a methodology based on the use of experiential marketing and professional communication as tools to achieve value / measurable social impact.

Ana is a member of The SROI Network International and is part of the group of founders of this network for implementation in Spain.

Competences: Results-oriented, creativity / innovation, adaptability, strategic, analytical,
Flexible, multi-channel experience, segmentation.

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Emprendedora de ti misma
November 01, 2016

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Tags: Leadership, Social, Startups



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Professional Women, Women Leadership,

Location: Virtual    Date Available: July 01st, 2018     Fees: It depends on the place!

Submission Date: June 12th, 2018     Service Type: Service Offered

Integral help to women in their self-realization, through knowledge, talent development and entrepreneurship.

Our specific objectives are the following:

1.-That the woman is carried out personally and professionally.
2.- That is reincorporated into the labor market, through their own entrepreneurship or working for others.
3.-That can contribute to the family economy the resources generated by their work.
4.-That you can take advantage of the large amount of resources and skills acquired, not only during your professional career, but also those generated by your management in the maternity and care of the family and your home.
5.-Do not waste the great know-how and approach of women and mothers in business and society.
6.-Increase the economic capacity of the country, contributing new additions to Social Security contributions. Increasing employability in society.
7.-Link the whole family in the tasks that should be joint, but that, however, until now, has developed practically alone.
8.-Promote teamwork within the family unit, real co-responsibility and focusing on giving value and trust in their partners, making the family function as a whole.
9.-Help other organizations that receive women victims of gender violence and / or women without resources and with dependent children, through synergies or projects, designed for these groups.
10.-Promote the creation and development of social impact projects, led by women.

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Ana Fragua González