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Alison Heller Ono

President and CEO at Worksite International, Inc.

San Francisco, United States

As a pioneer in the ergonomics consulting industry since 1993, Alison has used her expertise, experience, know-how and savvy to change the way people work from employee to employee, organization to organization resulting in improved employee health and organizational productivity.
As a trusted advisor and valued consultant to her clients, Alison has a distinguished career highlighted by a comprehensive body of work in ergonomics. Alison has worked diligently to assure validation in the methods and theories utilized by Worksite International through periodic peer reviews. She is a highly respected, recognized and sought after global speaker and trainer. Listen to Alison Heller-Ono educate, entertain and inform you in new ways of working for a healthy and productive work-life!

Available For: Consulting, Influencing, Speaking
Travels From: San Jose/San Francisco, California

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Company Type: Service Provider
Business Unit: Ergonomics
Theatre: International
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Media Experience: 25 years

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Change Management 32.24
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Procurement 30.23
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Agriculture & Mining
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1 Article/Blog
A 9-Point Checklist for Buying Digital Ergonomics Courses
March 22, 2021
The era of the remote worker is here to stay. With it comes new responsibilities for all employers who are pivoting to remote work as a corporate strategy. In the last year, many have had to make the change from the office to working from home whether we had a home office or not.

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Tags: Management, Health and Safety, HR

2 Books
Ergonomic Principles Every Business Needs to Know
April 17, 2018
Employers are responsible for providing a safe and healthful workplace for their workers. In this ebook, you'll learn about ergonomic program design and management along with basic office and industrial ergonomic principles and practices to conduct an office or material handling assessment.
Begin an ergonomics program within your organization’s existing safety program or as a standalone safety initiative
Work with stakeholders to implement change
Use appropriate tools and resources when seeking remedies to identified ergonomic risk factors
It's a great resource for your ergonomic program manager and in-house evaluators. Y

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Tags: Health and Safety, HR, Management

Your Guide to Developing an Ergonomics Process
CRC Press
March 17, 1999
The occurrence of Cumulative Trauma Disorders (CTDs) and Repetitive Motion Injuries (RMIs) is increasing at an alarming rate, dramatically affecting today's workforce. The symptoms of these disorders develop slowly over time. Workers often ignore the discomfort, hoping it will resolve itself. Eventually, productivity decreases due to pain and loss of function, and a previously productive worker suddenly finds that he or she cannot work as a result of the disability.
Although this condition is discouraging, it is also preventable. Ergonomics - matching the work environment to the worker's abilities and limitations - offers a promising method to control, manage, and reduce the risk of CTDs and RMIs in the workplace. Your Guide to Developing an Ergonomics Process will assist in the process of reducing workplace injuries and illnesses related to cumulative trauma disorders and poor ergonomics. This valuable guide presents all aspects of a comprehensive ergonomics process, and outlines federal and state OSHA requirements. The program detailed in the text enables full participation at all levels of the organization - regardless of your experience in ergonomics.

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Tags: Health and Safety, HR, Change Management

1 Conference Publication
Chair Assessment Model for Organizational Benefit
Springer International Publishing
August 27, 2018
This white paper introduces a chair assessment methodology and tool using predictive analytics to evaluate the quality and competency of office chairs over time. In it, you’ll discover risks of ignoring office chair degradation, 6 essential criteria to assess chair quality, how to manage a chair fleet program, and more.

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Tags: Health and Safety, Predictive Analytics, Procurement

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The Role of Ergonomics in Total Worker Health

Location: Virtual; California    Date Available: May 20th, 2019     Fees: Contact me

Submission Date: March 08th, 2019     Service Type: Service Offered

Alison’s keynote address impressed and captivated both the delegates and other speakers on the subject of Participatory Ergonomics by clearly identifying the major issues. She also shared insightful solutions in how to achieve excellence via innovation in the prevention and management of work injuries. Alison has been a sheer pleasure to work with, both on a professional and personal level. Her upbeat personality and a can-do attitude made it all the more enjoyable. Alison is a dynamic presenter who is sure to add tremendous value at any relevant local or international speaking opportunity.”

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