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Martin Brown

Sustainability Provocateur at Fairsnape

Preston, United Kingdom


Sustainability Provocateur: Innovative, strategic sustainability and improvement consultant, speaker, writer & author.
Martin is an innovative and strategic sustainability & business improvement consultant at Fairsnape. A passionate advocate for sustainability innovation, supporting a wide range of built environment organisations in the UK, EU and globally. An acknowledged speaker, writer and author. FutuREstorative...

Available For: Advising, Authoring, Consulting, Influencing, Speaking
Travels From: UK
Speaking Topics: Climate Change, Regenerative Thinking, Sustainability,

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Company Information

Company Type: Individual
Business Unit: Sustainability
Theatre: UK , Europe and USA
Media Experience: 25 Years
Last Media Training: 09/08/2020
Last Media Interview: 09/10/2020

Areas of Expertise

Business Strategy
Future of Work 34.07
Proptech 37
Supply Chain
Sustainability 54.19
Climate Change 64.74
Leadership 30.09
Ecosystems 31.13
Health and Wellness 31.10

Industry Experience

Building Materials, Clay & Glass
Engineering & Construction
Higher Education & Research

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2 Article/Blogs
Storms and Starlight
October 03, 2021
Rekindling our relationship with nature ...

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Tags: Climate Change, Health and Wellness, Ecosystems

Carbon is not the enemy …
December 12, 2018
If we are to address climate change, avoid climate breakdown, cap global temperature increase to 1.5 and to face up to the IPCC 2018 Report warnings, then only reducing carbon from buildings and construction will not be enough, we need to think different think bigger, think regenerative.

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Tags: Sustainability

2 Books
March 04, 2019
Working Towards a New Sustainability

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Tags: Sustainability, Future of Work

Sustainability Restorative to Regenerative
March 04, 2019
An exploration in progressing a paradigm shift in built environment thinking, from sustainability to restorative sustainability and on to regenerative sustainability

This publication explores: a language for sustainability that inspires, not confuses; a Social and Wellbeing world view of our place on the planet, Living Buildings that are restorative and regenerative and an essential component of climate change solutions; a Regenerative Heritage that shares memories of place from the past and provides lessons for the future; and Regenerative Economic thinking that is shifting the built environment from linear economics to regenerative economies.

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Tags: Sustainability, Climate Change

1 Book Chapter
Squaring the Circle: Normal birth research, theory and practice in a technological age
Pinter & Martin Ltd
July 04, 2019
Chapter - Biophilic Design in Birthing Centres

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Tags: Health and Wellness

1 Journal Publication
Sustainable Development Goals and Regenerative Sustainability in Higher Education
Sustainability Journal
January 13, 2019
Humans are at the center of global climate change: The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are igniting sustainability with proactive, global, social goals, moving us away from the Brundtland paradigm ‘do nothing today to compromise tomorrows generation’. This promotes a regenerative shift in the sustainability concept, no longer only considering resources and energy, but also significant human-centric attributes.

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Tags: Sustainability

3 Media Interviews
Healing the Future
Latitude Regenerative Real Estate
September 10, 2020

Martin Brown is a sustainability provocateur and regenerative practitioner that combines decades worth of construction background to help advance the built environment by looking holistically at practices that restore, revitalize, and offers hope.

Martin is a fellow Living Future Ambassador out of the U.K. and is the founder of Fairsnape. His company does consultancy and advocacy work for regenerative sustainability, built environment improvement, social responsibility and social media.

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Tags: Climate Change, Leadership, Sustainability

What is the Living Building Challenge?
August 12, 2020
Martin Brown from Fairsnape explains how the Living Building Challenge is a holistic standard that benefits health and the environment.

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Tags: Sustainability

Green Gorilla Conversations
Green Gorilla
March 04, 2019
Have you heard of the living building challenge? It's a relatively little known (at least in the UK) certification scheme that likens buildings to flowers, and has absolute imperatives with concerns to energy, water and air quality instead of requesting incremental improvements.
For those of you that think that BREEAM or LEED are too little too late to make a real impact on the environment, LBC might be the answer for you. Enjoy this fascinating interview with Martin Brown, LBC pioneer in the UK and ranking among the top ten influencers and experts in sustainability in the Onalitica's list (Bill Gates being the first!!). He also gives us his tips on how to enjoy our sustainability consultancy jobs more.

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Tags: Sustainability

1 Speaking Engagement
What can we learn from International Sustainability Standards.
Future Build
March 05, 2019
A session with will draw on approaches taken from international standards, such as RELI, SITEs, Ecodistricts, EDGE, Powerhouse and, above all, the Living Building Challenge. It will examine the framework tools used and discuss their relevance to the UK. The Living Building Challenge (LBC) describes itself as the world’s most rigorous proven performance standard for buildings. It is a framework to create spaces that, like a flower, give more than they take. Through its seven petals or performance areas – water, energy, materials, place, equity, beauty, health and happiness – the LBC tackles this ambitious goal: what if every single act of design and construction could make the world a better place? LBC focuses on regenerative design to restore our environment and rethinking buildings as biological organisms integrated into our ecosystem.

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Tags: Sustainability, Proptech, Ecosystems

1 Training
Living Future Europe Masterclass
Living Future Europe
September 22, 2021
Regenerative Thinking. Kick off presentation for the 2021 Regenerative Masterclass

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Tags: Climate Change, Ecosystems, Sustainability



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