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Sherryanne Meyer, SHRM-SCP

Allentown, United States

Adviser, Influencer, analyst and thought leader. Published author and public speaker, talented at developing roadmaps, content strategies, sharing knowledge and inciting enthusiasm for tech solutions. Experienced in implementations of global SAP and in creatively adapting emerging technology to improving business processes. Skilled at bringing divergent people & ideas together for success. Experienced at executive & end-user messaging, brand awareness, radio & video production, project management. Analytical & driven to success.

Available For: Authoring, Consulting, Influencing, Speaking
Travels From: Allentown, PA

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5 Article/Blogs
Video didn't kill the radio star - in fact, the "audio"? is making a comeback
January 24, 2019
EARLIER IN 2018, I was having conversations with technology marketing type folks about how to reach the audience they intended. I said - in developing any communications plan on a topic I would include podcasts. "Podcasts, really?" said my colleague incredulously. Yes, I said. My daughter listens to them all the time - in the car, at the gym. It's like a webinar but you can do something else while you're listening - you're not tied to your computer. And it's unlike a webinar because typically - as a presenter - you have full engagement of the audience's sense of hearing and listening. If they're multi-tasking, it's not somewhere else on their computer where their brain is engaged in other knowledge work.

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Tags: HR

Waiting for the storm - is your business prepared?
January 20, 2019
So, I'm sitting here in my study in Allentown, Pennsylvania, awaiting the now infamous Winter Storm Harper. We've got the eggs, the milk, the bread, the flashlights, batteries to run the fireplace, and gas for the snowblower. We will likely never need all of this. But we were caught unaware in October 2013 and without power for 6 days. . . couldn't even make a phone call without driving around the block to charge our cell phone.

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Tags: HR

The top three new year's resolutions for management #BigIdeas2019
December 31, 2018
I've been around the country - and around the world, virtually - in 2018 talking to CIOs, HR professionals and HR tech leaders about their strategies and plans as we approach 2019. Not surprisingly, there doesn't seem to be any groundswell of movement to high tech among Human Resources professionals despite the fact that we in the HR Tech world have been singing the virtues of artificial intelligence, machine learning, voice controlled intelligent personal assistants.

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Tags: HR

WWPD? What Would Payroll Do (if it actually modernized for a digital workforce)
September 10, 2018
??"Success in the digital future will depend on your company's ability to implement digital technologies innovatively, by rethinking strategy, culture and talent." ~ MIT Sloan Management review.

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Tags: HR

Got Belongingness? It's today's competitive advantage
August 08, 2018
Some of my best and most memorable work experiences have nothing to do with my paycheck or benefits. Happiness and contentment came from a sense of inclusion -- of being part of something important, with people who respected each other, and a sense of resilience that your team would not let you down. It almost calls to mind the happiness and stress-free days of childhood - where we had fun together.

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1 Keynote
The Smart One

Location: Allentown, PA or virtual    Date Available: April 06th, 2019    Fees: $5,000

Submission Date: February 02nd, 2019    Service Type: Service Offered

This is a story for every man and woman. In this candid keynote style talk, learn about how being the “surprise baby” of middle-aged, working class parents generated its own set of expectations for my life. The expectation was that I’d either be a genius or the opposite of a genius. My parents graciously decided to assume the former. I bear the unfortunate – and ironic – nickname “The Smart One” in our family. Living up to that nickname has been no picnic. I have strived to keep at least one tiny step ahead of all the curveballs thrown my way as a woman, a professional, a mom of an LGBTQ Rockstar, a divorcee, a caretaker to terminally ill relatives and more. Join me as I share what I’ve learned during my adventures as the Reluctant Smart One.

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Sherryanne Meyer, SHRM-SCP