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Joanna Martinez

Speaker | Consultant | Advisor at Supply Chain Advisors LLC

New York City, United States

Joanna's book, A Guide to Positive Disruption, was published in September 2018. It focuses on her experiences working though the ups and downs of the corporate world to make positive changes at the companies for which she worked. She speaks and writes on the subject via Webinars, videos, inhouse events, and professional conferences.

Additionally, she is recognized as a global procurement / supply chain leader and provides coaching, strategy development, training, and opportunity assessment. Her clients range from Fortune 50 companies to technology startups.

Joanna has led transformation initiatives for firms in many different sectors: among them Johnson & Johnson (consumer products), Diageo (beverage), AllianceBernstein LP (financial services) and Cushman & Wakefield (real estate services, property management). She has also held client-facing roles, effectively giving her the opportunity to “sit on both sides of the table”.

Joanna has been a guest speaker at Columbia and De Paul Universities. She has been designated a Supply and Demand Chain Executive “Pro to Know” and was named a Distinguished Alumna by Rutgers College of Engineering. She now sits on the School of Engineering’s Industry Advisory Board. Joanna was the first recipient of Iasta’s (now Determine) Client Excellence Award and has also been recognized for innovation or customer excellence by American Express, Egencia, and Heublein. She was recognized by the New Jersey ISM with its Crystal Award in 2009.

She sits on the advisory boards of ProcureCon and two technology service providers.

Available For: Consulting, Influencing, Speaking
Travels From: New York City or Tampa, Florida

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1 Article/Blog
A Lesson from the Corpse Flower
November 05, 2018
A corpse flower is huge, beautiful, smelly, and blooms for 36 hours. The New York Botanical Garden recently had a bloom, for only the fourth time since 1932.
And I almost missed it.
Because I had a big meeting. And was 90 minutes away. There was a lot of work to do. There would be traffic. Etc, etc. Lots of obstacles.

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Tags: Digital Disruption

1 Book
A Guide to Positive Disruption
Scribe Media
September 18, 2018
Business change is often out of our control and can be very unsettling. But turmoil also creates opportunity.
In A Guide to Positive Disruption, Joanna Martinez gives you the tools to become an effective agent of constructive change. She demonstrates how to roll with the punches of negative upheavals and gives you the knowledge you need to become a positive disruptor. In this book you’ll learn how to:
- Develop personal plans to help you weather the inevitable business turmoil
- Find new ideas that will benefit your company
- Sell your ideas within your firm by mastering basic negotiation techniques
- Stand apart so you’re ready for the next challenge
No one is immune to disruption. But, with the right process, you can take take lessons from the inevitable churn and turn it into something positive for yourself and your team.

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Tags: Culture, Leadership, Supply Chain

1 Founder
Supply Chain Advisors LLC
Supply Chain Advisors LLC
January 01, 2016
Advisor, Consultant
Interim CPO for Hire
Specialist in Procurement and Supply Chain Transformation and Education.
- Check our website:

- Coaching and advising sales professionals and a technology company undergoing a business transformation.

- Recently completed a facilities and admin benchmarking study for a Fortune 50 technology company, contributing to the creation of a model that will help them make decisions on services and structure going forward

- Also recently completed an opportunity analysis for a Real Estate Investment Trust, identifying ways for a company with very modest spend to use procurement to increase revenue

- Assisted a Fortune 200 bio pharma outsource a data center to the cloud

- Frequently create and deliver Webinars on professional topics

- See our website for a list of courses and some short case studies

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Tags: Supply Chain, Procurement

1 Keynote
NY Supply Chain Meetup
NY Supply Chain Meetup
August 21, 2018
Keynote to a group of NYC based entrepreneurs, mostly in the technology, fashion, and retail industries.

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Tags: Digital Disruption, Procurement, Supply Chain

2 Media Interviews
Embrace the Churn: Real World Advice on Positive Disruption
Philip Ideson - Art of Procurement
January 21, 2019
Advice on dealing with the churn (layoffs, reorganizations, etc) that comes from working in a dynamic business. Take actions to organize your personal life and stand apart in your business life.

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Tags: Supply Chain, Leadership, Change Management

From Inspiration to Fruition
ProcureSpective Magazine
December 01, 2018
The prelude to this article describes A Guide to Positive Disruption as a book "...for procurement professionals (or any professional) that revolutionizes the way employees see themselves in the corporate world..."

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Tags: Change Management, Leadership, Procurement

1 Speaking Engagement
January 07, 2019
Two minute video that focuses on the reasons to positive changes at work - Positive Disruptions.

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Tags: Supply Chain, Leadership, Change Management



1 Keynote
A Guide to Positive Disruption: Find and Implement Constructive Changes that Help Your Company

Location: Happy to travel    Date Available: January 25th, 2019    Fees: Varies based on specific requi

Submission Date: January 16th, 2019    Service Type: Service Offered

Business change is often out of our control and can be very distracting. But turmoil also creates opportunity. In this session, learn how to forge through the distractions of workplace upheavals by creating a personal toolkit of skills to help you weather the storms of mergers, acquisitions and general business churn. With that behind you, learn how to develop ideas for making beneficial improvements in your company. Become a change agent – a positive disruptor – by finding opportunities and strategizing how you will sell them. With some stakeholder analysis and a few simple negotiation tools, you can dissect the roles of various stakeholders and plan how to approach them with your ideas.

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Joanna Martinez