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Steve Mathew

Project Director at Savage

Budapest, Hungary

Steve is the co-founder of Savage, the fastest growing digital community in the EMEA. He heads program development and research for Savage Marketing and Savage.Z influencing over 5000 senior marketing and advertising professionals.

Over the last 18 months, his research has been in the growth of blockchain in advertising, ML in data analytics, opportunities in content personalization and the increase in Bots as a Service.
Steve has lead over 200 training programs with clients like OTP Bank, P&G, Sanofi, Match and consulted directors from numerous B2C brands including Philips, AXA, Swiss Re and many more. His proudest moment was co-presenting with the Assistant Director of the FBI – James Turgal and sharing the stage with Sir Richard Branson at HR Tech World.

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Media Experience: 15+
Last Media Training: 08/10/2018

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6 Article/Blogs
Meet My Savage.Z Youth Advisers
September 17, 2018
Brands have a hard choice to make - continue on the path to obscurity or adapt, innovate and engage this new generation of highly influential and digital savvy audience – Generation Z. For those who know me, I’m no spring chicken and have my own difficulties understanding how and where the youth of today engage with brands. So I did what any marketer in my place would do - I sought help from 4 highly talented youth to plan Savage.Z 2019, our Gen Z specific marketing conference for B2C brands.

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Tags: Marketing

Influencer Marketing and Consumer Engagement in China: Interview With Lisa Wang
Savage Intel
June 26, 2018
Weibo, Wechat, and Tencent are the most powerful digital tools marketers can use to engage their target audience in China.

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Tags: Analytics, Marketing, Social

Will VR Finally Show its True Colours in 2018?
September 18, 2017
According to The Motley Fool, we can expect 171 million people using VR headsets and software as early as 2018 and the market worth of USD 30 billion by 2020. These are great predictions but we have been burned by unrealistic predictions before!

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Tags: AR/VR, Marketing

February 28, 2017
Since the first Terminator movie in 1984, there have been predictions of AI generated content, data driven marketing and automation systems, which would miraculously replace marketing teams with data scientists with the promise to engage over 82% of your online and offline traffic. That time is now!

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Tags: Leadership, Marketing

What's Bringo? Why is Romania all a buzz about Bringo!
October 20, 2016
With the myriad of mobile apps available, consumers are often perplexed on the short term and long term use, as well as those which form status symbols. The average user actively uses 5 apps - 2 which closely affect lifestyle and access to basic necessities and 1 for entertainment purposes. Ascend NetSolutions is the creator of apps like Star Taxi and Oliviera, which have become the every day apps for the urban population of Bucharest. Oliviera was recently acquired by Turkey's Yemeksepeti Investment, solidifying its stance in the Romanian food ordering and delivery space.

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Tags: Marketing

Delivery Service Apps - Meeting the Demand
September 06, 2016
From over worked executives to over spent mothers around the world, the advent of delivery service apps comes as a boon. We are no longer tied to brick and mortar stores with the best deals and unreliable delivery times, no longer wait in queues with an item to check out, spend our valuable lunch time to finish the weekly shopping or manage a crying baby while having to place items on the belt. Delivery apps have brought a sense of freedom and helped us gain back the time to reflect on something a little more important "US, WE and FAMILY".

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Tags: Customer Experience, Marketing



1 Speaker
The Continuous Role of Diversity in Innovation and Sustainability

Location: Hungary    Date Available: March 04th, 2019     Fees: USD 2000

Submission Date: January 08th, 2019     Service Type: Service Offered

The best in breed companies are those who have a practice of absorbing great ideas, remain flexible against all adversities and stand strong against political pressures that are set to doom their environments.

CEO's today are greater influencers than most people give them credit for. An ideal example would be the CEO of Tesla, Business Insider, Google and the Former CEO of Coca Cola. All of them are well known for their grit to improve the lives of the communities around them, their strive to improve product innovation, offer equal opportunities of development to their employees and develop strong leaders.

My talks, look at what companies need to focus on to remain relevant, build lasting relationships and develop strong brand values for generations to come. Every attendee walks away with at least 3 action points to add to their annual and short term strategy.

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