Why AI Will Make Organisations More Humane


The organisation of tomorrow will be built around data. This will require smart algorithms to make sense of all that data. AI will enable organisations to leverage data and embed smartness in every process and customer touchpoint. When you put smartness to work, it will empower your employees and customers and make your organisation more humane.

When building the organisation of tomorrow, the first step is to datafy your organisation by collecting data at every process and customer touch point. The second step in the organisation of tomorrow is to distribute that data, either using centralised databases in the cloud or decentralised databases using distributed ledger technology. The third step is to analyse all that data and find patterns that will help to make sense of it. The final step in building the organisation of tomorrow is to automate it using artificial intelligence and smart contracts.

The Algorithmic Organisation

Automating your organisation using AI results in an algorithmic business. Within such organisation, algorithms define company processes, deliver customer services, act autonomously when necessary and as such define the way the world (or your company) works. Algorithms will become the intellect, the interoperability, the connection and the exchange between consumers, things, processes and information that define the value of your business. Thanks to machine learning and deep learning, algorithms will be able to understand user and/or device behaviour, learn from users and/or devices and perform the right action accordingly.

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By Dr Mark van Rijmenam

Keywords: AI, Big Data, Emerging Technology

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