Revisiting the Corix Partners 2015 “CIO Guide to a Successful Information Security Practice”


The Third Series of the Corix Partners Cyber Security Transformation Podcast


The third series of the Corix Partners Cyber Security Transformation Podcast is focused on looking back at our 2015 series of articles entitled “The CIO Guide to a Successful Information Security Practice – 8 Key Management Pitfalls to Avoid”.

The series, originally published on the Corix Partners blog between May and June 2015, was our first attempt to frame our ideas around how to design and operate effective and efficient cyber security practices.

It has been followed by over 100 articles published since, on the blog and on other sites, all sharing the same values and the same vision: That cyber security cannot just be seen as a technology discipline, and that successful practices operate around a sound governance structure and a clear operating model active across all corporate silos, not just a collection of technical projects.

As we publish those 8 podcast episodes over the coming weeks, we will be updating this page with links to each podcast episode, as well as the original piece the podcast is commenting on.

We would like to take this opportunity to thanks all our followers, and all of those – clients, partners, friends – who have been with us on this journey over the past 7 years, and have been instrumental in developing this narrative.

By Jean-Christophe Gaillard

Keywords: Cybersecurity, Leadership, Management

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