Nine Benefits of Robotic Process Automation (RPA)


Whether it is a small, medium or large organization, all of them are aiming to automate its business processes in a way that it adds value to that manual strategizing. Robotic Process Automation eliminates dull tasks, freeing workers to focus on higher-value work. While also reducing human error and staffing cost by eliminates jobs and creating new ones.
Any business hoping to compete with others today must embrace robots! Few benefits of RPA are stated below:

1) Improve Accuracy and Boost Productivity: While humans work on the productivity of 60% with some margin of errors, our dear RPA work on an error-free productivity level of 100%!
2) Reduce Compliance Issues: Once you set the requirement, it continues to work by following the rules.
3) Optimal Cost Savings: With RPA deployed, your cost will continue to drop. You save the cost of hiring, training, overtime payment and so on.
4) Improved Flexibility: With RPA implementation, a business needed only to deploy virtual workers that imitate human employees to map up the change. With few lines of software code change, the bots continue working.
5) Speed: Companies that implemented RPA attest to the increase in productivity due to the speed of operation. RPAs work tirelessly round the clock (i.e., 24 hours), whereas human works an average of 8 hours or so per day and would still need breaks, vacations, leaves, etc. An RPA never sleeps, never takes a break, never goes on vacation and costs relatively lower than an employee.
6) Seamless Set-Up: Setting-up the bot does not take much, no need for any expensive installation or system overhaul.
7) Fast Detection of Fraud: Robots can detect fraud faster than humans. They can easily do background checks and complex fraud investigations.
9) Time-Saving: Robots work faster and on multiple tasks at a time compared to humans; therefore, they save a lot of time and in return money.

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By Amenallah Reghimi

Keywords: AI, Future of Work, Procurement

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