My Cybersecurity Prediction 2023


Cybersecurity attacks will be at an all-time high by 2023. Organizations, Education Centers, Hospitals, Manufacturing Centers, will all fall to the ongoing onslaught of cyber-attacks by threat actors globally. These organizations that fall victim to threat actors will turn to these post-quantum technology solution providers that have been built and designed throughout North America today. This post-quantum technology will be released in the first quarter of 2023 by a small yet more strategic non-profit corporation and the impact will be massive. Cybersecurity product manufacturers will include Canadian and US companies that have worked closely with NATO and Western Allies and their agencies globally, who bring advancing technologies together through collaboration and partnerships.

Organizations and Companies will quickly realize that post-quantum technology does not require the standard procedure required by the United States as a Framework for advancing technologies. These new types of technologies will increase data protection and digital privacy through post-quantum encryption, post-quantum communications, post-quantum mirroring and post-quantum cryptography that are able to accomplish great tasks, when working together as one.

Western governments will attempt to secure this technology for themselves. These groups will state that only the military should have this technology for the protection of the West from being used as a weapon through electronic warfare or for controlling Western defense assets against themselves. Various defense brokers will attempt to control these products through industrial espionage if these technologies are not sold or are transferred to select defense organizations. The aim will be to secure these assets for themselves, while trying to secure ongoing cashflow and technology superiority among the West. It will be through this technology that our western defenses can withstand a direct cyber assault by our enemies. It will be through these pending threats of cyber warfare and major domestic and international cyber incidents where we will see the most damage to our assets and personal freedoms.

Our unfriendly neighbors and those who seek harm against the West, who seek the destruction of our technological defenses, will combat this technology through the creation of a new line of viruses and global attack programs to try to eliminate and terminate these technologies from advancement.

Cyber Security Global Alliance’s Executive Director and Chairperson, James Castle, believes that it will be through this product’s post-quantum superiority that will prevent cyber warfare from happening worldwide. This is why post-quantum technology is so important in protecting our digital footprint and personal privacy’s. This is a global want! A major need for people everywhere! A priority for all nations of the West! This select group of four post-quantum technologies and one single non-profit cybersecurity defense organization will be the only Answer that the world needs, allowing for our digital freedoms to move forward. The solution is ready! This solution will End Ransomware and Deathware globally, and for many years to come.

It’s about time! 

By James Castle

Keywords: Cybersecurity, Emerging Technology, Security

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