Friday’s Change Reflection Quote - Leadership of Change - Clear Vision, Massive Determination, and a Growth Mindset


Happy Friday!

On this day, December 16, 1903, brothers Orville and Wilbur Wright made the first successful sustained flight in an airplane. Orville was first, gliding 120 feet (36.6 metres) through the air for 12 seconds in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. The brothers would make three more flights later that day, the longest covering 852 feet in 59 seconds. They invented the airplane, revolutionising both peace and war. Today commercial passengers can fly from New York to Singapore, a distance of 9,537 with an estimated flight time of 18 hours, 30 minutes. The most advanced fighter jet F-35B can perform short take-off and vertical landing F-35B with a top speed of Mach 1.6.

Against all odds, the bicycle mechanic Wright brothers beat heavily funded government projects to develop the first flight. In fact, government bureaucrats considered them crackpots, but once they realised what they had done, others followed. So, what inherent qualities did the Wright brothers have that made them successful when others said, “If man was meant to fly, God would give him wings”? A Clear Vision, Massive Determination, and a Growth Mindset.

“To be a successful leader of innovative organisational change, you will need three Key qualities: A clear vision, massive determination, and a growth mindset”

These three key qualities of organisational change leadership enable successful, long-term change and outperform the competition:

A Clear Vision: One of the first tasks for leaders of change is to develop a change vision. It must inspire the employees and be aligned with the organisation’s strategy, vision, and beliefs. The change vision needs to be achievable and compelling, something that the employees can picture and relate to, and a journey they will join you on.

Massive Determination: At the start of the change implementation journey, change leaders will quickly release that what is important to them, and the organisation is not always important to their employees. Leaders will have to compete for critical resources and time against normal operations. Even on their own leadership team, they will be dealing with leaders who are indifferent delegators of change and builders of silos.

Growth Mindset: Effective and proactive growth mindset leaders are the behavioural and cultural architects of their organisation’s change. They are lifelong learners and are never happy with the status quo.

Have a fantastic weekend with the ones you love and care for, enjoy some fresh air, exercise, eat, drink and be happy.

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