Change Management Leadership - Three Main Responsibilities


Change Management Leadership: Leadership of Change Volume 4

Change Management Body of Knowledge - Volume 4

"Organisational change leadership is about effectively and proactively Articulating the vision, Modelling the new way and Intervening to ensure sustainable change"

Change Management Leadership: Effective and proactive leadership is essential for successful organisational change. This book outlines the three critical leadership responsibilities to implement change:

Articulate the vision,

Model the new way and

Intervene to ensure sustainable change.

“We enable the Leadership of Change”

Leaders go about their daily task of implementing the organisation’s strategy to deliver financial results, when all of a sudden there is a change explosion that disrupts operations and results. They face the leadership paradox: implementing change versus delivering day-to-day operations. Leaders then need to adjust their focus to implement the change, so that the organisation stays ahead of the competition and continues to deliver revenue to its shareholders. That means the change has to ensure a return on investment (ROI), full employee change adoption, and sustainable change.

The three critical leader responsibilities for the successful leadership of change are ‘Articulate’, ‘Model’ and ‘Intervene’. The AMI Change Leadership Model and outlines what should be done to successfully implement organisational change to ensure a ROI, full employee change adoption, and sustainable change.

Leadership of Change

The Leadership of Change encompasses change management concepts, models, depictions, assessments, tools, templates, checklists, plans, a roadmap and glossary structured around the ten-step a2B Change Management Framework. The delivery vehicles are change management books, change management gamification manuals, change management gamification workshops (face-to-face/virtual), leadership alignment workshops and masterclasses.

"If more employees were better leaders of change, the organisational benefits would be endless"

We enable the Leadership of Change What if we could embrace change and lead the world? The Leadership of Change is both thought leadership and a suite of tools to propel you from where your organisation is right now, the current 'a' state, to where you want to be, the future 'B' state. The Leadership of Change will help you to implement your organisation's change or improvement and achieve a 100% return on investment (RoI) with full employee adoption, enabling you to secure future profit and remain ahead of your competitors. Truly great Leadership of Change combines thoughtful strategy alignment of your leadership and change leadership skills to lead employee change adoption - start today.

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