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Our change history assessment (CHA) is used by change teams to review the outcomes of previous change programmes within their organisation. It provides organisational insights that can increase the likelihood of successful implementation through the analysis of lessons learned, mitigating previous weaknesses and enhancing future success. It is important to learn from previous change by performing structured analysis to identify negative issues and to avoid repeating them on the next change. The insights from the CHA will help to shape the change approach, planning and the resistance strategy.

I always look forward to seeing the answer to:

Q28: Will future change management be successful?

On one occasion, the employees of the organisation scored 46.2%. This question provides fantastic insights which can help to shape and make future organisational change successful. However, this requires the leadership team to articulate, model and reinforce (AMI) the next change. If they don’t, they might get better odds of change success by playing on the roulette wheel.


By Peter F Gallagher

Keywords: Business Strategy, Change Management, Leadership

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