6 Ways to Boost Customer Experience Design Adoption & Growth


6 Ways to Design Simplify CX, Technology, Boost Adoption, and Generate Growth!

Today, customers and employees are searching beyond the buzz word of “Customer Experience”, and “Employee Experience”; they are checking your governance complexities, procurement policies, purpose experience, what your company and you as a leader stand for. They watch your culture and leadership, your ability to change, adapt and evolve — from the largest structural change down to the smallest detail.

But given the massive number of factors here, what is the largest weight on the scale? Personal interactions with your organization. Your value is measured by engagement, the ability to develop meaningful relationships that helps you grow in value for all user groups — from customers and employees to partners and shareholders. If you can do that “small” thing then Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR), growth and new customers will come as a positive reward for a job well done.

It is unfortunately not easy. Products and services are becoming increasingly similar, increasingly difficult to distinguish based on overall value, technology, onboarding programs, trainings. Even innovative design has a shorter shelf-life as more companies gain adaptive capabilities — some with their own business model (personality) but others that are copycats, decidedly turned into followers rather than leaders.

As we move forward into an increasingly competitive technology market, how can we continue to differentiate?
The Big Idea: Remove complexities to develop meaningful relationships with customers

In a recent article, McKinsey wrote about what I have evangelized for many years, simplification and simplicity of customer, employee and partner’s experience as a competitive differentiator. (Read my article on simplification and simplicity here.) Their rightful opinion is based on a very clear trend over the last ten or twenty years, as companies like Amazon, Google, Spotify, Ikea, Microsoft, Aldi and Lidl have outperformed competitors — by an average of 679% across major indexes such as S&P (+207%), Dow

What makes companies and individuals want to acquire and adopt these solutions over competitors’? Simple and simplified experiences! Simplified experiences create engagement while clarifying value. This is true internally as much as externally. Thus:

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By Ricardo Saltz Gulko

Keywords: Customer Experience, Culture, Customer Loyalty

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