2nd 5 Star Client Review: Change Management Leadership - Online Mini Masterclass A1


A few weeks after launching my first learning product, Change Management Leadership - Online Mini Masterclass A1, we had the second 5 client review. Here it is:

Short Review: Excellent change leadership course!!!

Timely for change management professionals involved in change leadership. At last, a practical and structured approach to organizational change implementation that focuses on working with the sponsor and the leaders.

Detailed Review: I was trained by Peter on a lean change practitioner masterclass in Nigeria a few years back. Peter was highly recommended by the corporate office in Europe and was a member of the organizational effectiveness team that implemented business improvement globally. He also provided me with coaching on my project. Since then, I have followed him on LinkedIn, Twitter and bought his books. Obviously, I signed up for the course and can highly recommend it to anyone that wants to improve their change leadership knowledge.

My Response: Thank you so much, Femi – we are delighted we improved your Leadership of Change knowledge® which will help you to implement organisational change. The full masterclass is being developed and coming very soon. Peter F Gallagher

About the Online Self-Paced Mini Masterclass

  • 10 mini masterclass lessons on change leadership
  • Over 70 minutes of video
  • Curated reading
  • Supports a structured approach to practical organisational change implementation
  • 40-question assessment
  • Digital credential badge - add to your LinkedIn profile

Course Link: Leadership of Change® Online Offerings

Please feel free to contact me for further details:

More on the Leadership of Change®

The Leadership of Change® encompasses change management concepts, models, depictions, assessments, tools, templates, checklists, plans, a roadmap, and glossary structured around the ten-step a2B Change Management Framework®.

Peter consults, speaks, and writes on the Leadership of Change®. He advises CEOs on how to prepare and align their corporate leadership teams to successfully lead their organisation's change.

For further reading please visit our websites: Peter F Gallagher: Books, Biography, Blog, Audiobooks, Kindle

Leadership of Change® Body of Knowledge Volumes: Change Management Body of Knowledge (CMBoK) Books: Volumes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, A, B, & C available on both Amazon and Google Play:

Leadership of Change® Volume 1 - Change Management Fables

Leadership of Change® Volume 2 - Change Management Pocket Guide

Leadership of Change® Volume 3 - Change Management Handbook

Leadership of Change® Volume 4 - Change Management Leadership

Leadership of Change® Volume 5 - Change Management Adoption

Leadership of Change® Volume 6 - Change Management Behaviour

Leadership of Change® Volume 7 - Change Management Sponsorship

Leadership of Change® Volume A - Change Management Gamification - Leadership

Leadership of Change® Volume B - Change Management Gamification - Adoption

Coming soon:

Leadership of Change® Volume C - Change Management Gamification - Behaviour

~ Leadership of Change® Volume D - Change Management Gamification - Sponsorship

~ Leadership of Change® Volume E - Change Management Gamification - Leadership Teams

By Peter F Gallagher

Keywords: Business Strategy, Change Management, Leadership

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