2022 Predictions for the Future of Work


We are witnessing the Great Questioning across the globe as more people become aware that the systems we have built are falling apart, especially when it comes to work and life. Organizational structures that were created in 1911 are still the foundation of many companies around the world and they no longer serve where we are headed.

In 2022, there will be continued turmoil around the world and it will allow people to see the divergent paths we can take: one leading to more misery and suffering and another opening portals of opportunity and possibility. And, a new conscious business movement is emerging around the world in the most unlikely places. Here are four trends on our horizon:

1) Conscious choices. The biggest shifts will come from small businesses who have a radical purpose and operate with conscious agreements, and practice self-management. These movements are starting organically and will increasingly demonstrate that we have a choice in how we work, who we are willing to work for and how we want to live. Change is coming from the edges and not the mainstream. And because we are so connected online and can bypass traditional media sources, more people will become aware of this new way of living and working. Technology levels the playing field.

2) Dialogue and Connection. The undercurrents that will be created will require today's leaders in large organizations to realize there is a major transformation happening in the workplace. Communication and dialogue are going to be increasingly important and they will no longer be able to delegate their responsibility to lead authentically and consciously to an executive communication function. 2022 is the year when walking the talk and closing the gap between words and actions will be what leaders will be asked to face. And many are not ready for this shift and will try to hang onto the ingrained command and control structure. But leading from the heart, in alignment with the mind, will be key to future success.

3) From Authority to Personal Accountability. There continues to be widespread mistrust of societal institutions and leaders around the world (Edelman Trust Barometer 2021). As more people question everything, we should not be surprised that the choices made will be more about making a life and less about making a living. More of us will begin to walk away from needing more and more and question what we really need. And it will no longer be the corner office, the trendy company or time away on endless business trips. The person who dies with the most possessions rarely wins. As more people learn to trust ourselves, we will witness people taking personal accountability in every aspect of life and 2022 is just the beginning of what will unfold over the next five years.

4) No more hiding in dark corners. Once we start questioning everything, the veil of reality is slowly revealed. We will no longer accept the status quo and move to the edges of what's possible by making conscious choices around what matters most. I can share from firsthand experience that this new world that will emerge by 2027 is being co-created right now. This is an exciting time when we realize that we are not here to change, fix or make our current broken world better. 2022 allows us to become aware that we have a choice: continue fighting for our lives or become powerful creators of our lives?

By Ayelet Baron

Keywords: Innovation, Social, Future of Work

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