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Bev Hepting

Founder/CEO at Bev Hepting

Blandford Forum, United Kingdom

Do you need to learn how to become an extraordinary speaker, presenter, and communicator?

In modern circumstances, where doing things a little differently is the rule, what are people talking about your business? Are they aware of what issues you resolve for them, or do you inadvertently give them the blow-by-blow of your solutions to them? Let's have a conversation to see how I could help you achieve clarity when speaking.

While coaching, I concentrate on three main principles: Write your story, Develop your company message, and connect with your business. Doing so will guarantee that your business is unique to you and will attract your target audience.

Need a speaker?

If you are searching for an individual that will get the people doing insane team-building exercises or Whooping because they are so excited, you do not need to hire me. I get individuals talking, I get them laughing. Occasionally I do get them crying. The one thing I always get is RESULT. I want people to go away with something they can use or maybe something brand new they've found out. I move and inspire and motivate, but I drive.

Let's connect and make it happen.
An award-winning speaker and coach who works with business owners, transforming your business by clarifying your message which allows you to speak in public with confidence and clarity.

Available For: Consulting, Speaking
Travels From: United Kingdom
Speaking Topics: Your message says it all, Create your story to sell your product, Selling without selling

Speaking Fee $1,500 (In-Person)

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January 25, 2022
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January 25, 2022
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January 25, 2022

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Getting your business message bang on.

Knowing what to say and how to say it, so than any client or investor understands exactly what you do and what they will get from it is vital to your business. It is about using the right words for your audience. Knowing what problem you solve and delivering it with confidence and clarity. Todays audience are bombarded with information and your job is to get through the noise and make sure they hear your message loud and clear. Clear out the stuff that people don't want and give them the information they need that will allow them to understand you and your business.

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5 Article/Blogs
Storytelling: Learn how.
Public speaking made easy
November 16, 2022
Most businesses today operate in a highly competitive marketplace. In order to succeed, they need to find ways to stand out from the crowd and attract attention. One of the most effective ways to do this is through storytelling.

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Tags: Leadership, Marketing, Sales

Examples of Brand storytelling that work
July 29, 2022
It is a guiding principle that the brand should follow and has a significant impact on all organizational aspects. It’s a perfect roadmap and sales pitch. One person might find the answer to the ‘who are you’ question complex, while another might find it simple. The answer depends on how you approach the question.

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Tags: Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Customer Loyalty

Tips For Staying Motivated At Work
May 27, 2022
Some days work at the office can be such a drag that by the moment you go out the office door you’d feel like you’ve already spent every ounce of your energy. This normally happens to anyone especially when there are a lot of deadlines to beat, your boss breathing down your neck, and a ton of paperwork. Anyway, you should not be discouraged by these things. This is quite normal so don’t worry. Work works, so this normally happens almost every day. However, the difference comes in how you look at things. If you look at it closer, those employees at the bottom of the pecking order normally see work as just work. On the other hand, the CEOs and other higher-ups are somewhat visionaries that see a different side of things which makes them the leaders of a company. Earn your way up the food chain by motivating yourself to do better at work. Here are a couple of tips to check out and hopefully motivate yourself:

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Tags: Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Customer Loyalty

The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success
May 19, 2022
Personal success is not the outcome of hard work, precise plans, or a driving ambition, but rather of understanding our basic nature as human beings and being in line with the laws of nature. Basically, there are seven spiritual laws of success, which operate in much the same way as scientific laws such as the law of gravity. Here is a brief look at each of those laws:

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Tags: Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Customer Loyalty

Balance of Sprit and Physical.
April 25, 2022
Our spirituality and our physicality are the two components of which we are made. If we could strike the right balance between the concrete and the abstract parts of our being, we could definitely turn ourselves into better people.

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Tags: Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Customer Loyalty

1 Founder
Bev Hepting
Bev Hepting
September 18, 2022
You’re an expert in your field but you don't know how to express yourself on stage.
How would it feel if you could:
Speak confidently and clearly in front of ANY audience.
Find and land speaking gigs.
Express yourself so people trust you are an authority in your field.
Impact countless lives with your message every single day.
Create your own speeches and be authentically you.
Experience consistent growth as a speaker.
Public Speaking skills are powerful not just from stages, but in pitches, presentations and even day to day conversations to help you to be more impactful and influential
The nerves take over and you cannot see yourself speaking confidently.
You know that you’re an expert in your field but you lack the skills to express yourself in a way that people understand what you are trying to say.
You want to impact lives but you don’t know how to get in front of an audience.
You feel that your speech does not show you being authentic.
You know your message but once you start speaking you struggle to get the words out.
You’ve watched speakers that seem to do it so easily, but lack ongoing confidence to get up and speak yourself.
You’re ready to get out there and share your message, but lack some clear and effective input to make your speech impact on the right audience.

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Tags: Startups, Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Business Strategy

1 Keynote
Show Reel 2020
February 14, 2020
Bev Hepting | The Message Maestro - re-done Show Reel for 2020.

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15 Videos
Christmas is coming
Import from
October 24, 2022

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Import from
October 18, 2022

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Multistreaming with
Import from
September 15, 2022

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Stories sell products
Import from
September 15, 2022

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Monday Moments
Import from
September 14, 2022

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Tags: Startups, Leadership, Marketing, Entrepreneurship

A new enterprise, A new Story.
Import from
September 09, 2022

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Tags: Startups, Leadership, Marketing, Entrepreneurship

Never to Early for CHRISTMAS
Import from
September 05, 2022

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The magic of storytelling
Import from
July 29, 2022

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Tags: Startups, Leadership, Marketing, Entrepreneurship

The magic of stories in business
Import from
July 25, 2022

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Tags: Startups, Leadership, Marketing, Entrepreneurship

Storytelling workshop
Import from
July 20, 2022

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Tags: Startups, Leadership, Marketing, Entrepreneurship

The Universe is where the energy is
Import from
April 27, 2022

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Monday Morning Magic
Import from
March 10, 2022

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Tags: Startups, Leadership, Marketing, Entrepreneurship

Hello and what I've been up and what is coming.
Import from
March 10, 2022

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Tags: Startups, Leadership, Marketing, Entrepreneurship

The way I plan my marketing.
Import from
March 07, 2022

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WordFest Live - Green Room
Import from
March 04, 2022

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1 Workshop
Build your story
Bev Hepting
March 24, 2022
It takes some time to dilute your life into a story that works for your business. This is a workshop I did with a group of heart led business owners and shows how storytelling can also solve problems.

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Tags: Change Management, Entrepreneurship, Marketing

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5 Uses for Storytelling in the Business World
November 16, 2022

5 Uses for Storytelling in the Business World

There are many situations you’re going to run into in business or in professional settings in which storytelling is going to be an effective tool for helping you achieve your goals and move up the ladder professionally.

A common situation for any manufacturer is trying to sell a product to others. You might struggle at first with trying to convince someone logically only as to why they should buy your product, especially if they didn’t seek you out.

By providing a real world story and showing them how your product helped someone or their business, your potential customer might be more willing to buy. They want to see specific examples of how the product helped others, rather than being told they’ll like it.

There’s also the matter of trying to build loyalty or trust in your brand when talking to prospective customers or clients. The person you’re talking to could have been burned by a bad deal in the past from a similar company, so it’s your job to help them trust you.

If you can give them stories of satisfied customers or other clients who are happy with your work, they’ll be more likely to trust your company since you have genuine examples of people that were completely satisfied with your business.

In this same line of work, you might encounter scenarios where the client already trusts your business, but they’re trying to decide between buying from you or other companies that they also trust.

In a case like this, storytelling can make you be more memorable to the client. Beyond just giving the information that they need to know, storytelling can help make you stand out in their mind compared to other companies.

You may be put in a situation while working in a professional setting in which you are required to give a speech or introduce someone at a formal event. Public speaking is intimidating to many, and it can be worse if you don’t know what to talk about.

By telling nice and fun stories about the company or about the person you’re introducing, you can easily lead into normal speech points while entertaining the crowd at the same time.

If you’re a bit higher up in the company or have been working there for awhile, you might be able to notice when younger, newer recruits are struggling with their work or encountering stressful situations.

In this situation, you can help by telling them stories of hardships you encountered when you first signed up to that job, and what you did to solve your problems. This can help guide them towards their own solutions without you telling them exactly what to do.

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stories to tell | storytelling in business
July 26, 2022

The Company / Brand Story
This is the story of your company or brand. Stories are crucial for your brand
because they contribute so much to your brand's image. A company story
usually involves how the company came into existence and grew to its
current state, often told personally by the founder or first employees.
Through the company's story, you convey to your audience the values and
culture of your company. It also offers many opportunities for you to include
the formats we discuss later (rags-to-riches, conquering the monster, etc.).
A good example of a brand story is the story of Nike's waffle-tread shoes.
The story says that Nike founder Bill Bowerman one day, in a fit of
inspiration, poured rubber into a waffle iron, thus giving birth to the waffletread. What this story tells you about the company is that it is innovative and
not afraid to try out crazy ideas that could revolutionize shoes as we know

The Personal Story
A personal story is a story from someone's life. It could be how they
overcame difficulties or how they reached the place where they are today. It
could be something as simple as a scene the writer observed a few days ago
that has relevance to their topic and their audience.
Many personal stories involve overcoming difficulties. For example, you
might write a story about a time when you could not manage your time well.
You were always busy and had many things to do, but no free time to do
what you enjoyed. This is the setting of the story. You then discovered a very
simple and handy technique for managing time better, which helped you get more done and have more time to yourself.

The Product Story
You can tell stories that relate to products. Your story could be how the
product was developed, why it came into existence, a problem the product
makers had to solve, or how a customer used it in a creative way.
A good example of a product development story is the one about the origin
of the idea for the Sony Walkman. It started with a Sony executive who liked
to listen to classical music on his long flights overseas. However, he hated
dragging around a cassette player. He asked his engineers to create
something smaller and more portable – and the Walkman was born. This is
what gave us not only the Walkman, but also, by extension, all of the pocketsized portable music players we enjoy today.
One way to discover great product stories is to ask your customers to write
the stories for you. This is an example of what is called ‘crowdsourcing’, in
which you turn some part of your content creation over to your audience.
Crowdsourcing is a highly effective content marketing strategy because it
gets your audience actively engaged.
An example of crowdsourced content is Patagonia's Worn Wear campaign.
Outdoor clothing designer Patagonia asked its customers to send in their
stories of the adventures they experienced wearing Patagonia's clothes.
People sent in their stories and these stories were featured online and in
YouTube videos.

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Tags: Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Marketing

How to Wield More Influence
April 21, 2022

Know What You Want

Have a clear idea in your mind about what to achieve, whether it be changing another person's undesirable behaviours or persuading him to accept your point of view. Fix this idea of what you want to achieve firmly in your mind. Know exactly what you want, and clarify any vague objectives you may have. Clarity of personal purpose is the first step to putting your influencing abilities to work.

Understand Expectations

Have a clear understanding of what others expect of you and what you actually expect of yourself. People often set unrealistic expectations for themselves by gathering up all of the good qualities they see in others, and trying to have them all within themselves. No one expects you to be perfect.

Be Persistent

Resolve to do everything better and be persistent until you attain the results you've been trying to achieve. Anything worth doing once is worth doing again and again. Don't let rejection or any other negative experience stop you. Learn from mistakes, better yourself, and keep on going.

You Must Give in Order to Receive

The old cliché, "there' no such thing as a free lunch," is fact of life. If you want to receive something, learn to pay for it. Some things may have higher prices than others, and some things may have a higher value to you than others. Examine your options carefully and match what you can give with what you want to receive.

Pay Attention to People

People will help you get where you want to go. It will never be easy for you to make it alone. People can teach you and help you become more influential with others. Listen to other people and learn from them.

Expect a Lot

When you expect a lot, you can get a lot. Your expectations of others and yourself will become reality. Whatever you expect to happen will happen. If you push yourself hard, you will start to see results.

Build a Positive Atmosphere

When you create a "win, win, win" situation, you will start to win. When you start to think positively, your life will start to be positive.

Promise a Lot, Deliver More

Promise people a lot, and then give them more. This is the way the highest achievers have made it. Tell people what you will do for them, and then do more.

Give People What They Want

If you want things from others, you must first give. Don't expect others to make the first move - you have to. If you want to get ahead in life and be successful, you must make the first move. Everybody has certain goals and objectives they wish to achieve. If you can help them reach their goals and objectives, they will want to return the favour. Give people what they want and you will always be ahead.

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Tags: Customer Loyalty, Entrepreneurship, Leadership

Purposes For Public Speaking
February 08, 2022

There are many reasons you may need to engage in a public speaking opportunity or event. The
most common purposes for public speaking include informational talks, demonstrations,
persuasive or motivational speaking, and ceremonial or celebratory speeches.

Most public speeches involve informative speaking or sharing your knowledge about a particular
subject or topic with other people. Many times, work presentations are informational, as you
share important knowledge with those in your organization who need to know. Imparting
information is the goal of this type of speaking, and it differs slightly from demonstrations, which are designed to teach someone HOW to do something. Informational and demonstration speeches are frequent in many different fields and disciplines. Whether your audience is your whole company, your team, or just your mentee, sharing information or demonstrating a skill is a prevalent task in most fields today, so understanding how to deliver information to others effectively is an essential skill in today’s workforce.

Persuading other people is also a common purpose for public speaking. Whether you are trying
to persuade someone to take action in your local community, to purchase a particular product,
or to achieve their goals through taking a specific action, convincing others to do something is a
powerful and much-needed skill. While some professions use persuasive speaking more than
others, we all need to understand how to talk to others to get what we want and need in life.
Speaking of ceremonies and special events is another essential purpose for using public speaking
skills. Weddings, award ceremonies, funerals, parties, and other events are all times when you
may be asked to address those who are assembled.

The purpose of these speeches is usually to entertain or communicate a strong feeling, and
while you may not need to do this every day of your life, having this skill when you need it is
important and allows you to feel confident when you are asked to speak in these types of

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The clarity of your business message
January 25, 2022

Good morning,
Bev here the message Maestro. I wanted to concentrate on the clarity of the message that truly we haven't had in the last two years from the government. But, we mustn't forget, we need to give it to our customers.

Let me tell you a little story about my ex-mother-in-law. Now my ex-mother-in-law was this lovely lady with grey hair. To look at her she was the epitome of the grandmother who baked cookies. Do you know what? Nothing can be further from the truth about this woman. You know, I think wars have been won quicker and cleaner than the relationship we had.

I and my husband lived with her and he was an only child. So you can only imagine how difficult that was. And for many years we, in a way just screamed at each other. There was no real communication. We just shouted and screamed about things we didn't agree with. And. You know, it was ridiculous.

It was ridiculous. And it had a huge effect on my mental health. I'm not even going to go into that story because it's a separate story, really quite interesting and juicy, but a sprint of the day, the point aids one day, I just stopped while all this confusion is going on and I'm dealing with the kids and, and hobbies to get to work and she's going on about, well, I put in their lunchboxes or whatever, and I just stopped and I looked at her.

And I said, what do you want? And she looked at me and said, I want you to leave. And I want you to leave my husband by my son, her son, my husband. And let me look after the children on, do you know? Well, it was at that point, I realized what clarity does because now. I understood exactly her motivation, where it was coming from, and I could fight that.

And he isn't about more screaming, much that was beginning to understand her needs and her fears and in business that taught me a really clear lesson about how. You know, there's all this noise that goes on in business, and life. You know, you know, the good, the bad online on the high street government, but you have to get down to the nitty-gritty.

What does somebody want? What do they need my mom to find out what my mother-in-law wanted, not needed, wanted. I was able then too. Live with her with a little bit more peace. And I would encourage hubby to take her out once a week. And I would encourage the kids to spend time with her. And I'm not saying we didn't stop having these almighty routes.

For some reason, we just clashed. I spent two years, not even speaking to it. It was not bad times, but with the clarity came the simplicity. I could solve the problem. Once I knew what the problem was all it took was me to simply ask her, what do you want? And that's the same in business when you're thinking about your message and when you're talking to an audience or a customer or to your staff, whoever you're talking to, you need to be clear in what you're saying is what you're asking.

You have to be clear in understanding what their problem is so that you can offer them the solution. And you have to remember, it's not about you, it's never about you, no matter how clever you think you are, no matter how many qualifications you have, and an experience is immaterial, a person just wants that problem solved or an organization wants their problem solved.

Government. I'm not sure we'll ever solve their problem because they haven't got a clear message in anything, just my opinion. So I want you to think about that. How are you telling people who you are, what you do, what problem you solve, how you can help them, you have to dig pretty deep, pretty deep to find out what the problem is.

I'm going to tell you now, just being a solicitor, isn't enough to solve somebody's legal problem, because there are different legal problems and different solicitors. Being a therapist is not enough because not all therapists. So the particular problem, somebody may have, the problem that people have is an emotional attachment to something it's not just that I need a solicitor.

I need to go into therapy. I need to chimney sweep. It's the why that you have to concentrate. Why does somebody want a solicitor? Why do they need therapy? Why would they need to chimney sweep? Think about it and ask yourself, what is your, why? What problem do you solve? If you can't answer that question, if you struggle with it, we'll have a quick free, forty-five-minute free strategy call and we can work out exactly what problem you solve for people because that's the crux of your business being successful and in today's world, which is, really, really noisy. You need to be able to cut through that noise and speak directly to the people you want to work with and who needs to work with.

You have to shuttle the rest of the noise down and keep it simple and clear and be confident that you can solve that problem. Go and check it out, but what you need to do to solve that problem. And remember it's in the Why.

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How you speak is important
January 15, 2022

How you speak is important.

Everything from your tone, words, and body language indicates your level of confidence and authority, and if you do not come across as deserving of respect or attention, you are unlikely to get it.

While you may not be a natural leader, you can still learn to speak with authority and show others your confidence. Here are the basics for learning to speak with authority so that others will listen and respect your words.

Watch How you Stand and Sit

Your posture says a great deal about your confidence. If you look timid, people will not take you as seriously. Stand tall and straight with your shoulders back. Put one foot slightly more in front of your body and put your weight on your back foot. If seated, sit up straight, lean forward in your chair, and put your elbows or forearms on the table. In all situations, be sure you maintain eye contact and smile. These postures exude confidence and authority.

Focus on What They Need to Hear

If you want to appear more authoritative, focus on what your audience needs, not on what you are going to say. When you focus on your audience and not yourself, you can plan what you want to say so that the message is better received.

Stay Focused

Too often, people think they must talk a lot for others to see them as authoritative. Instead, the most powerful messages are actually the most concise. Say what you need to say, then stop talking. Get to the point so people can ask questions or respond.

Use Silence

The most powerful speakers know how to use silence to engage listeners and show their authority. Letting people wait a moment for your answer or response shows that you are taking your time to think and that you are calm. Intentional silence is powerful and can allow your audience to hear what you have to say much more precisely.

Use Your Voice to Show Power

There are many ways your voice communicates hesitancy, power, authority, or fear. Learning to use your voice properly can project the confidence you have. Try to keep your voice tone in the mid-range, not too high or too low. Do not speak in a monotone, but your inflection to emphasize your point and add variety to your speech. You do not need to be loud to be authoritative, either. In fact, speaking softly can often force people to lean in and listen harder. Breathe and match your words to the cadence of your breath so that you are not rushing. Make your speech as conversational as possible, and people will be more likely to listen and respect your words.

Be Yourself

Use humor, stories, and other personal touches to show people who you are and what you are about. When you put people at ease, they are more likely to trust you, so do not feel like you must be an automaton to be heard. You can be credible and human at the same time.

Don’t Overcomplicate Things

When you listen to people who use a lot of jargon and insider vocabulary, it often feels like they are TRYING to say something meaningful but not really hitting the mark. Using precise vocabulary that means something is better than sprinkling in as many fancy words as you know. A confused audience is not impressed, so keep it simple, and they are more likely to believe in your authority.

Using these tools can help you to speak with more authority and garner the attention and respect you deserve. Just a few changes to your posture, voice, and words can make a significant difference and allow people to see you for the expert that you are.

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1 Service
Get over the fear of public speaking

Location: Virtual    Date Available: July 04th, 2022     Fees: 79.00

Submission Date: May 06th, 2022     Service Type: Service Offered

Work with me and I will show you how to reduce your fear of public speaking. By understanding the 6 key points to any speech or presentation, you will be able to wow your audience without throwing up first.

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1 Speaker
Real Women | Real Stories | Real Lives 2023

Location: Virtual    Date Available: January 31st, 2023     Fees: 0

Submission Date: January 05th, 2023     Service Type: Service Offered

Inspiring Event to Empower Female in Tech, Health, Finance and E-commerce

Women have long been underrepresented, but my organization is working hard to change this. A new event is being planned to continue these efforts and is looking for inspiring speakers to join the cause.

This event seeks to celebrate women in their industry and provide a platform for them to share their stories and successes. It will be an opportunity for like-minded professionals to network, exchange ideas, and build relationships. It is hoped that the event will inspire more women to speak about their businesses and break down any barriers they may face along the way.

Organizers are looking for dynamic speakers who are passionate about furthering gender equality in all industries. They must have a unique story or experience that illustrates how female tech professionals can make a difference in the industry. The speakers should also be able to share insights on how they overcame challenges they may have faced while pursuing their career goals.

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