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Anthony Mills

Chief Executive Officer at Legacy Innovation Group

Grand Rapids, United States

Anthony Mills is a seasoned Corporate Strategy & Growth executive. He has successfully led multiple new business launches in both Fortune 100 enterprises and new startup ventures. From defining new business platforms and go-to-market strategies, to designing and delivering completely new product categories, he has successfully launched several new lines of business, while filling a numerous roles along the way.

Mr. Mills' strengths include strategy, design, innovation, execution, and leadership - ultimately getting things done that matter - and that move the needle.

What drives Mr. Mills is having exciting new business endeavors to lead - endeavors that hold the promise of significant new value for both the business and its customers. Whether it's new products and services, new customer experiences, new markets, new brands, new lines of business, or entirely new ventures altogether, his end game is always the same, namely to accelerate top-line growth in the business through market leadership and global expansion. This is the center of his focus, and he has spent considerable time developing a tightly-honed set of skills for doing precisely this.

Mr. Mills has been officially recognized by independent third-parties as a global authority on both strategic innovation (innovation-driven growth) and customer experience. He has taught, consulted, written, and lectured on these topics with organizations all over the world.

Mr. Mills has extensive experience throughout North America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

He is currently the Executive Director of the Global Innovation Institute, the CEO of Legacy Innovation Group, and serves on several advisory boards.

Available For: Authoring, Consulting, Influencing, Speaking
Travels From: Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA
Speaking Topics: Innovation, Strategy, The Human Workplace

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2 Books
Applied Innovation Master Book
Global Innovation Institute
January 04, 2016
The 856-page body-of-knowledge reference book from GInI | Global Innovation Institute.
This book is comprehensive in its coverage of every facet of business innovation, including foundational knowledge, Design Thinking, the different manifestations of design, the work of the Innovation Professional in delivering innovation projects, the work of the Design Thinking Professional as a champion of advanced innovation practices, the work of the Innovation Manager in leading the innovation program, the work of the Innovation Strategist in developing well-researched innovation strategies, and the work of the Chief Innovation Officer in driving a comprehensive and productive program of Corporate Innovation across the enterprise. It also touches on launching and financing new business ventures, and presents a comprehensive glossary of business innovation terminology.

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Tags: Design Thinking, Innovation, Management

Collaborative Engineering and the Internet: Linking Product Development Partners via the Web
SME - Society of Manufacturing Engineers
August 03, 1998
The first book ever published on the subject of digitally-enabled collaborative product development. This was a comprehensive treatment of both the mediums and best practices known for pursuing this approach.

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Tags: Future of Work, Management, Open Innovation



1 Business
Corporate Innovation

Location: Global    Date Available: July 01st, 2019    Fees: Based on the scope of the enga

Submission Date: May 16th, 2019    Service Type: Service Offered

Comprehensive consultation on Corporate Innovation programs. This includes program design, organizational design, strategy formulation, governance processes and metrics, financials, enablers, engagement, and reinforcements.
Ancillary to this is consultation on Corporate Venturing, Corporate Incubators & Accelerators, Innovation Labs, Intrapreneuring (engagement), Open Innovation, Workplace Innovation, and much more.

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