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Chenthil Eswaran

Manages Delivery/Practice for Enterprise Business Applications & Oracle, Strategic Growth Partner at Aspire Systems (India) Pvt. Ltd

Chennai, India

Leads go-to-market strategy , implementation , support for ERP,CRM,HCM at Aspire Systems. He joined Aspire in 2008 and is a Thought Leader in ERP,CX transformation. Has strong passion for AI.Prior to his current role, he held various ERP, CRM consulting,application development,application maintenance and managerial positions having overall 25 years experience. He also has experience in multiple ERP, CRM implementations across Australia, Middle East, Africa and North America.
PMP certified and passionate about ERP,CX transformation. He is the author of “A Practical CIO Guide for Modern Business Applications”, an iBook articulating next gen application sustenance or maintenance needed by organizations embarking on digital transformation. He is also the Founder and President of “Oracle Applications Forum” (OAF)focusing on latest modern business applications.
At Aspire Systems he also plays a role of account manager for large accounts and heads Enterprise Business Application practice.

Available For: Consulting
Travels From: Chennai
Speaking Topics: ERP,CRM,Project managment,

Speaking Fee $5,000

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Company Type: Enterprise
Phone: 00918754460338
Business Unit: Technology
Theatre: North America
Media Experience: 20
Last Media Training: 08/01/2020

Areas of Expertise

Business Strategy 30.87
Cloud 33.78
CRM 32.52
ERP 56.74
Proptech 42.35
AI 30.09
COVID19 34.47
Retail 31.10
Future of Work 38.47
HR 31.37
Digital Transformation 32.36
Business Continuity 31.49
RPA 38.75

Industry Experience

High Tech & Electronics
Professional Services
Wholesale Distribution

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3 Academic Certifications
Oracle HCM Cloud 2019 Solution Engineer Specialist Assessment
May 26, 2020
Oracle HCM Cloud 2019 Solution Engineer Specialist Assessment

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Tags: Cloud, ERP, HR

PMP Certification
April 01, 2020
PMP Certification

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Tags: Business Strategy, ERP, Future of Work

Oracle Cloud Project Management Success & Best Practices
January 15, 2020
Oracle Cloud Project Management Success & Best Practices

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Tags: Business Strategy, Cloud, ERP

7 Article/Blogs
Power the Finance Productivity Boom using Intelligent Process Automation in Oracle Finance
Aspire Systems
September 03, 2020
You can start with small steps rather than doing it in a big way. Deploy RPA in one area/process and get it work to your expectation and satisfaction. Once you have achieved this, you will be confident in rolling it out in other areas and processes. Avoid thinking in isolation and assume it as part of Intelligent Process Transformation in Finance. Preferably, this should be a step towards your transition to the cloud. Furthermore, by adopting IPA you have gained efficiency and ability to gather business insights for speedy decision making

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Tags: ERP, RPA

Automation to supplement cost reduction and boost industries post COVID-19
Manufacturing Today India
July 24, 2020
As the world emerges from the grip of COVID-19 pandemic, business leaders from various sectors are strategically focusing on risk factors that would affect their companies in the future. As a solution, these leaders found automation could reduce costs and boost their industries post the pandemic.
Investing in automation can remove the risk of dependence on humans, its implementation in high human interaction jobs will get intensified. For example, high-performance Robots can work faster for longer periods on mundane tasks that humans need not be doing, thus freeing them to work on more important and intellectual tasks.

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Tags: AI, Cloud, COVID19

Top 10 Features of Oracle Fusion Cloud
Aspire Systems
June 11, 2020
When a new product emerges, it is followed in line by a series of new business models, new technologies, and a new normal in their respective order. When markets mature, the line becomes a circle. In this millennial age, markets emerge at breakneck speed, making this a vicious cycle. This especially holds true with On Premise Applications. Businesses could not keep pace with the everchanging needs of On Prem upgradations.

When change is the only constant, Oracle realized the need for a system which doesn’t need to change. Their On-Premise to Cloud Offerings straightened the circle once again. For the following reasons, it wouldn’t need to change with technology disruptions.

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Tags: ERP

How Technology will take a front seat in the Retail Industry - Post COVID-19?
May 28, 2020
The future of shopping is arguably more interesting and uncertain. We see stores behaving more like websites and websites behaving like stores.

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Tags: COVID19, ERP, Retail

Oracle Cloud Generation 2 boost impenetrable Security for Oracle Fusion Applications
Aspire Systems
May 26, 2020
Today, it is important to understand that a Cyber 9/11 is a glaring possibility we should live up to. We are already living the COVID-19 pandemic which has pushed us to the new work era where you have to survive and thrive on the cloud. Move your business applications, data and also ensure that it is 200% secure against evolving threats.

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Tags: Cloud, ERP, Future of Work

Impact of COVID-19 on Sectors like Healthcare, Media, Banking, Insurance, Manufacturing and Retail
May 18, 2020
The ongoing pandemic situation is affecting each one of us immensely. Since the dawn of 2020, all that we come across every day is Coronavirus that is eating our lives globally. Though no one has an idea of what happens next, people are being cautious in every aspect to prevent themselves from the virus. As the pandemic situation continues to become intense, various sectors of the economy are confronting a different kind of threat.

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Tags: ERP, Retail, COVID19

Future Proof your Business with Oracle Cloud Generation 2 during this pandemic COVID-19
Aspire Systems
April 26, 2020
Today’s On-Premise software applications face many challenges like security, application modernization and resistance to upgrades. Cloud migration doesn’t completely solve this either, with fears of intra-cloud Data Security and its underlying costs looming large. Budget constraints on many metrics like bookkeeping and laborious expense claims also obstruct the growth trajectory.

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Tags: Cloud, ERP, Future of Work

1 Book
A Practical CIO Guide For Modern Business Applications!
Aspire Systems
June 01, 2020
A Practical CIO Guide For Modern Business Applications!

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Tags: Digital Transformation, ERP, Future of Work

2 Media Interviews
How Aspire’s tool-based approach ensures smooth and quicker upgrade to new version of E-Business Suite (EBS)
September 08, 2020
How Aspire’s tool-based approach ensures smooth and quicker upgrade to new version of E-Business Suite (EBS)

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Tags: COVID19, ERP, Retail

Why should CFOs turn to cloud technology?
June 29, 2020
In the present pandemic, the role of a CFOs (Chief Financial Officers) is becoming extremely fluid. Their multifunctional expertise and forecasting ability can help companies to transact future growth opportunities. With the times ahead of the extreme technological advancements -- such as AI (Artificial Intelligence), Blockchain, RPA (Robotic Process Automation), etc, CFOs are also looking at digitising their total financial process to Cloud computing and obtain many advantages.

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Tags: Business Continuity, ERP, Future of Work

1 Steering Committee Membership
Managing ERP Practice at Aspire
Aspire Systems
August 01, 2008
Oracle, a world leader in Enterprise Applications and Solutions, offers comprehensive business application suites for a broad spectrum of industries. In order to successfully integrate your business processes into Oracle's application frameworks, you need a trusted Oracle partner.

We, at Aspire, bring our extensive experience and expertise in offering focused, scalable and cutting-edge solutions that is sure to deliver on your value proposition. We have worked with businesses of all sizes and have delivered tailor-made, intelligent solutions with both Oracles’ on premise and Cloud solutions. We specialize in targeted verticals: Financials and Supply Chain Management to build and scale up your Oracle’s Business Suites to manage your global business in a faster, cost-efficient and seamless way!

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Tags: CRM, ERP, HR

1 Webinar
Future of Real-Estate PropTech is on the Cloud
Aspire Systems
May 01, 2020
Future of Real-Estate PropTech is on the Cloud

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Tags: ERP, Future of Work, Proptech




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