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Mary Marshall Forrest


Forrest Performance Group

Manish Choyal

Digital Marketing Manager

QLTech Australia

Malcolm Gill

VP of Innovation

Verdant AI

Baskaran Ambalavanan

Founder and Principal

Hila Solutions, LLC

Tolgahan Tarkan

Founder CEO

Simulation Helpdesk OÜ

Sonica Sarna


Sonica Sarna Design

Michele Helene Cohen

Executive Coach, Change Agent, & Leadership Adviso...

Lead to Growth

Shirali Shetty

Founder & CEO

The Happy Elephant

Syed Bilal Haider, FIC (UK)

Managing Partner | Leadership and Transformational...

Geneva Group International

Andrea Castelli

Co-Founder & President


Jack Kahler

Managing Partner

Xenov8 LLC

Hadis Nazari


HAAMI Digital Consultancy