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Tarek Wael

Founder at Grow as you Go

Cairo, Egypt

Tarek is A Talent Development Expert- Passionate Corporate trainer - Positive Growth Coach– Dynamic Leadership Coach who dreams to help others;  Grow as they Go. Currently, he is the Learning & Development Manager, Boost Training & Consulting. In 2017, Tarek has founded "Grow as you Go"  to boost the personal and professional growth of individuals.  He designed and developed 10 Learning Experiences including his two famous experiential workshops: Rock The Room & The Networker •Tarek started his journey as a trainer 10 years ago, where he has trained more than 10,000 trainees coming from different walks of life including Top-level, Mid-level, First-line managers, Employees & Entrepreneurs in different Business  & Life Skills from multinationals, governmental entities and big nationals in Egypt and UAE •He has 5 years of solid experience in sales in different multinationals as Sanofi, Takeda besides two years as Marketing Supervisor with: Pepsi, Samsung.

Certifications & Credentials:
• Certified as a Resilience Coach from the organization of Positive Psychology, Netherlands
• Certified in Wellbeing and Mental Skills from the Flourishing Center, USA
• Certified Professional in Talent Development, CPTD, Formerly named CPLP from the Global Association for Talent Development, USA
• Cultural Transformation Tools® CTT Consultant from Barrett Values Centre, UK
• Certified Stakeholder Centered Coach from #1 Executive Coach in the World and a Top Leadership & Business Thinker “Marshall Goldsmith"
• Certified DiSC Trainer, Behavior Analyst and Assessor from Everything DiSC, Wiley

Available For: Advising, Authoring, Consulting, Speaking
Travels From: Egypt
Speaking Topics: Networking - Personal Growth - Pitching

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1 Founder
Grow as you Go
July 18, 2019
Why "Grow as you Go" Family exists?

Our Mission: The aim of "Grow as you Go" Family is to help its members maximize their personal and professional Growth <3

Our Vision: To become "Ambassadors of Growth" and inspiring examples to follow in our personal circles and professional networks.

Top 5 Values

*Making a difference
*Personal Growth
*Continues Learning

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Tags: Startups, Health and Wellness, Mental Health

2 Keynotes
November 17, 2020
I am honored to deliver my 1st TED Talk with LIVE Audience next Friday!

We all may have suffered before making friends or communicating with other people at some point in our lives. We had these unstable and draining relationships, and we always tried to figure out where is the problem?
If you wonder what are the key to every meaningful relationship, I invite you to honor me with your presence next Friday 20-11-2020 in EL Sawy Culture Wheel - Sakia :)
It is such a great pleasure to join such an Amazing Speaker-line up Farouk El-Baz Jehad ElMahlawy Bruno Moutou Omar Abdelrahim

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Tags: Design Thinking, Leadership, Public Relations

Inc. 5000 Vision Conference
October 19, 2020
A week-long event for you to celebrate your wins, get the knowledge you need to survive these unprecedented times, and gain surprising insights into the future.

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Tags: Leadership, Future of Work, Business Strategy

1 Webinar
Creative Networking: A Framework For Building Meaningful Relationships
December 02, 2020
Time is money and you’re right. If networking is done correctly, this small investment of time with us could be worth a lot of money. You might be thinking, “How can I get this through the challenges of the networking game?” - If you are a Coach/ consultant who needs to expand his Client database and peer to peer Relations? - If you are a business owner who wants to grow his coaching business? - Are you an Entrepreneur who looks forward to establishing stronger business relations? Networking is one of the most important skills you can hone to grow your coaching business and open doors for limitless opportunities. A solid professional network can help you accomplish things that you’d never achieve on your own. In this session, you will explore the “NETWORK” model will help you establish meaningful and mutually beneficial Relationships with colleagues, peers, mentors and potential coaching clients, whether you connect face to face, or rely on social media and online like-minded groups.

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Tags: Innovation, Leadership, Business Strategy

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