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Tom Flick

Chief Learning Officer at Tom Flick Leadership

Seattle, WA, United States

With his unique gift to connect with the listener’s head and heart, leadership expert and former NFL quarterback, Tom Flick is one of the most sought-after leadership speakers today. With passion, authority, and authenticity, Tom delivers keynotes aimed at the heart—where real change occurs.

For the past 25 years, Tom has worked with the world’s most innovative and dynamic organizations such as NASA, Starbucks, Mercedes Benz, Amazon, American Express, Google, and the Pentagon to lead and navigate through change in a rapidly fluctuating and highly competitive world.

Tom’s passion for raising more effective leaders is achieved by his exceptional talent as a deft storyteller and his unique gift to connect with the listener’s heart as well as their head. Understanding people, not programs, help organizations change and grow.

Tom draws on his extensive work in corporate America and his association with Professor of Leadership, Emeritus at the Harvard School of Business, Dr. John Kotter, to inspire actionable solutions that develop leaders, ignite teams, lead change, and elevate organizational and personal performance.

Tom has garnered a reputation for customizing compelling, engaging presentations based on each organization’s needs and desired outcomes, collaborating directly with the client to ensure measurable takeaways for their organization. Tom’s exceptional ability to communicate clear business solutions with humor, wit and razor-sharp insight is why he is in such high demand.

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6 Article/Blogs
Leading with Clear and Simple Communication
Tom Flick
February 16, 2021
I went to the professor’s office to seek his advice on the parts where I felt stuck. Together we read through what I had written and where I struggled. He asked me an important question, “What are you trying to say here?” I thought for a moment and verbally replied to what I had been attempting to say in my paper. He responded, “Then say that.” Good advice for a freshman college student trying to sound clever and conversational in a college paper.

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Tags: Management, Leadership

Change Leadership vs. Change Management
Tom Flick
January 30, 2021
One of my core messages to CEOs, team leaders, and middle management is rooted in the work of Harvard Professor and friend, Dr. John Kotter, leadership expert and business visionary. For years the business world has functioned the same way with the same hierarchical system, under the same unspoken set of rules and guidelines. Those who comply get rewarded and those who fall outside are removed.

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Tags: Leadership, Change Management

Navigating Change for a Successful 2021
Tom Flick
January 15, 2021
After 25 years as a leadership speaker, I’ve learned that brands that stay flexible stay afloat.

My organization, Tom Flick Leadership, has been no exception. I teach change leadership and guide people through processes to develop leaders, ignite teams, and lead change. Yet if my brand can’t flex and adapt in this fast-changing world, I face the real possibility of falling off the radar of my current and future clients.

We have applied our leadership compass and adapted during this past year of roiling upheaval, unknowns, and unprecedented everything. Instead of making quick changes to remain gainfully employed, I paused. Knowing the days of a more physically connected world in which the face-to-face, “client handshake” relationships had essentially changed, we realized the need to adapt to this new reality.

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Tags: Leadership, Change Management

The Most Important Leadership Quality
Tom Flick
June 01, 2020
Last week I posted an article entitled The Humble Leader: Giving and Receiving Feedback, and this week I would like to expand on this critical leadership quality. It is a quality often overlooked by many. Yet, when you understand its impact on organizational culture and its people, you will understand why the need for leaders to grow in this quality is imperative.

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Tags: Leadership, Change Management

The Humble Leader: Giving and Receiving Feedback
Tom Flick
May 25, 2020
Being a leader that welcomes feedback sounds like such a great idea. On paper. Giving and receiving feedback in real life is much more complex and can contribute to the rise or fall of leaders, small businesses, and corporations. On a relational level, Dr. Gottman of the Gottman Institute in Seattle, Washington, identifies defensiveness as one of “The Four Horsemen,” which can erode and drastically affect relationships over time.

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Tags: Leadership, Change Management

Leading in the Land of Fear and Pandemonium
Tom Flick
May 18, 2020
Leading well in challenging times requires facing fear head-on.
Fear is a tough opponent because of its ever-changing, amorphous form. There is no singular method that eliminates fear from people’s hearts and minds. Yet in anxious times of doubt, leaders will either rise or fall.

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Tags: Leadership, Change Management

1 Founder
Tom Flick Communications
Tom Flick
January 02, 1990
Helping leaders throughout all levels of an organization to become better versions of themselves.

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Tags: Management, Leadership, Change Management

1 Keynote
True Urgency
January 15, 2016
True Urgency, where people come to work everyday to avoid real hazards and seize real opportunities. Acuity Brands, New York City, NY 2015

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Tags: Leadership, Change Management



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