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Namrata Dhasmana

Leadership at Genpact

Greater Hyderabad Area, India

A dynamic Thought Leader. Senior HR Leader and a Writer by Choice and Passion.
She creates benchmarks with her excellence and experience in Thought Leadership. She has excelled in Wells Fargo, and Genpact and even gives consulting as a business strategist. With People, she advocates Strength-based Philosophy and as a Certified Gallup Professional she advocates Strength-Based Culture to improve performance.

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Speaking Topics: Governance, Entrepreneurship, Unicorn Leadership, Self Awareness , Resilient Mind, Strength Based Culture, Development, Economic Issues, Woman Empowe

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1 Analyst Report
Unicorn Leadership
People Matter- Global
July 29, 2021
My Articles in Global HR Magazine People Matters online have touched views 3.2K read. A thought Provoking question on the versatility of Leadership.

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Tags: Leadership, Management

2 Article/Blogs
D&I at business strategy Level
People Matter- Global
March 17, 2021
Some facts in increasing inclusivity on Diversity.

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Tags: Business Strategy, HR, Leadership

Strategic HR, Unicorn Leadership, D&I
People Matter- Global
December 02, 2020
My Articles in Global HR Magazine People Matters online have touched views 7K as well.

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Tags: Business Strategy, HR, Leadership

1 Conference Publication
Governance in Entrepreneurship
April 03, 2022
With the global economic crisis, there is a need to have a global shift on governance aspects of Entrepreneurship. Governance not only regulates entrepreneurship but also gives sustainability to entrepreneurship and that is how a boost to the economic recovery.

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Tags: Business Strategy, Entrepreneurship, Startups

1 Founder
Scaling Up Entrepreneurship
April 01, 2022
Entrepreneurship -From Ideation to Diversification
“Build your own dreams, or someone else will hire you to build theirs”-
Farrah Gray
Being an entrepreneur is taking a journey of the heart with a “Never Say Die Attitude”. And just like everything, having your own startup also begins with planting a seed in mind. An entrepreneur mindset creates opportunities in the world’s failing system. Even the most intellectual individuals do not dare to think of having their own startup. The fundamentals of the mindset of a startup is to identify the seed of mind which is developed from the ideation phase to the execution phase. Entrepreneurship is in vogue and is a way for wealth creation in our country. With more entrepreneurs, we have more boosts in the economy. It is easy to stay in a familiar, but an entrepreneur mindset explores the unknown and improves the financial health of the economy.
Who would have imagined a 17-year-old boy who started his career as a clerk, could ever become an Entrepreneur Yes!! No one else, but the Indian Industrialist Dhirubhai Ambani, founder of Reliance Industries and the first privately owned Indian company which got featured in the Fortune 500.
He started his business by trading spices and diversified and expanded his business with a business model of having a lower margin of profits than his competitors.
On the other side, great business tycoon Mr. Ratan Tata worked along with blue collared employees in TATA Steel and learned from shoveling limestones and handling blast furnaces and soon with his innovative mindset proved instrumental in making TATA motors listed on New York Stock exchange.
Both these Leaders when started building their empires had a mindset of Growth which was an enabler to creating entrepreneurship and then gradually scaling it up and emerging with a differentiator in the industry.
Envisaging Start Up Mindset of a Youth
The government has announced the setting up of at least 50,000 new startups, 500 new incubators, and 100 innovation zones by 2024- Under the new policy of 'Startup India Vision 2024', our youth
The journey begins in mind. Yes! It is not going to be overestimated if I say that intangible resources play an important role than tangible ones when it comes to mindset. When the soul starts to look for a Purposeful Life, that’s the time the journey of the mindset begins. Broadly, these 4 steps will help a youth getting them in thinking mode when they are getting inspired to begin their Start-Up.
Ideation – Everything begins with an idea. But don’t fall so much in love with your idea that you forget what value add you are giving to your customer segment. Just go ahead and do it, else most of the brilliant ideas remain in this stage only due to inherent thoughts of risk to begin the journey of entrepreneurship.
Execution- It’s a game of Design Thinking vs System Thinking. Know the people whom you want to impact. Understanding their pain areas and being a differentiator is the construct of an Idea. The execution can be isolating and exhausting as it will also give you a reflection on yourself to manage and change some of your own behaviors to have better stakeholder management.
Scaling up The next big step is to scale up your product/business. The most important thing. How to take it up to achieve break-even point and then begin with wealth creation for others.
Diversification- This is when you have established your one product in the industry and now expanding in the industry and getting diversified. This step is a major one when the entrepreneurship journey takes its full shape and is all ready for expansion. With the shift in the workspace from physical to virtual this phase is very relevant to preventing your company to remain relevant and continuing in business. The diversification of your business reflects the stability of one business/product duly accepted by the customers and then the expansion and giving growth of the business.
Value Add- The success of your entrepreneurial journey is when you find your target customer and create the value of trust within them. The trust is created by winning the sentiments of the customers and by creating value add to them. The best example is TATA and Amul. The work that they have done for the community and to the nation as a Nation Builder by touching the sentiments of their customer have kept them relevant in market and dominate the market. So, even if you start small, let it be a value add to the community. Wait for the returns as the loyalty and a larger segment of customers in return. An entrepreneur is always a value add to society.
Go Giver instead of Go Getter- I learnt this concept recently and have always applied this is my life. Being an entrepreneur must be a giver and creating job opportunities for other. Hence comes with a mindset of giving and then receiving. With giving as a mindset creates responsibility and servant leadership towards their employees and their start up.
RESPONSIBILITY OF GOVERNMENT AND EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTES-Governing entrepreneurial journey also comes with a responsibility towards developing and economic growth of the country. Where our economy is one of the youngest economies, we are still a developing nation and in coming years what most important is to develop the youth mindset morally robust that they even understand the value of Governance. The values of social responsibility along with building the nation economically should be a core value which should be taught to the youth at very early stages of life. Such teachings develop youth morally and culturally empowered.
Since the entrepreneur is a risk taker, they are the ones who enjoy the most at a later stage after husbanding resources and mitigating risks. The journey is nothing less than a roller coaster, but with varied experiences of profits and loss, mistakes, market intelligence and different business models. To keep this initiative of Start Up India sustainable and organic, the educational institutions also play a key role and should act parallelly.
About Author: - Major Namrata Dhasmana is a IIM L alumni with Strategy as her forte. She is a Award Winning Coach and have been associated brands like Vedanta, Wells Fargo and Genpact. She has been featured in Corporate Citizen for her second innings from military to corporate as one of the fewest successful transitions. A Gallup Professional and a Strength Finder Coach and in her third innings a budding entrepreneur to create job opportunities. Namrata is a blend of People, business and culture. She is a columnist in a Leading News Paper and Global People Matter. She comes with a social cause of Economic Development and youth development.

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Tags: Leadership, Mergers and Acquisitions

1 Influencer Award
D&I at business strategy Level
The Shape of Work
March 17, 2021
Leadership and Team Building

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Tags: Leadership

1 Keynote
Unicorn Leadership
May 23, 2021
“True leadership is not wearing the crown to show others;

It is standing out in the crowd fearlessly and calmly by empowering others to put on the crown themselves.”

Yes! It’s a challenging attribute and so is Leadership.

Leadership is a responsibility of being unique!!

Like the Unicorn are true leaders mythical creatures or rare to find?

It took a pandemic to bring about a mindset shift to understand the importance of a leader and the need to call for attributes which were never emphasized upon.

True Leadership is the Need of Hour.

How and where does the Journey of development of Leaders to be a Unicorn Leadership begin?

Our learnings are mostly influenced by the place we are born as the socio-economic factors creates our belief system. The learnings and the beliefs need a mindset shift when we step out in the world,

And meet diverse people and see divergent perspectives.

Have we fully accepted this change? Are we adaptable to the mindset shift?

What stops us? What can we do to become better at what we do?

Fear makes us defensive till the time we continue with our fixed mindset.

The fear of socio-economic factors and not being acknowledged by others.

The moment we push our boundaries we create new perspectives and open the doors to develop our attributes.

Herein begins the journey!

In this path of evolution, people who realise their core values begin to lead their lives and practice SELF Leadership.

They evolve to be LEADERS.

To lead your life in every situation and giving Inspiration to others to make them also lead their life are attributes of Unicorn Leaders.

What are these Unicorn Leaders?

As Unicorn is a rarest animal and sometimes believed to be mythical, how do we ensure these rarest of the rare qualities forms a relevant part of our ecosystem.

Unicorn leaders are not very different and complex but live and lead their lives by being Self Aware with the utmost simplicity.

“Rarest of Rare is the Simplest of the Simple”.

“Any intelligent fool can make things better, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius- and a lot of courage- to move in the opposite direction”.

Albert Einstein.

Is Unicorn Leadership difficult to explore?

No, I don’t think so.

It is rare because of Instead of reserving the term ‘leader’ for only societal heroes like Martin Luther King, Winston Churchill Hill, or Nelson Mandela, it is also within everyone - if the journey of self development is done consciously. All we have to feel significant enough is to make a real impact on other people and live life for a larger purpose. It requires a small push to get onto the path of knowing self. This journey allows us to gain a wealth of experience.

A Unicorn Leader is mindful and a self-aware leader who have been leading her/his life with an influence of creating followers.


A Unicorn Leader is a Conversationally Intelligent Person who knows how to master her/his strong and impetuous senses.

These Leaders contribute in their capacity in doing righteous things for long term impact and sustainability in the ecosystem.

“I’ve learnt that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you make them feel”

Maya Angelou.

When a Unicorn Leader speaks to you the conversations trigger higher levels of dopamine, oxytocin, endorphins and other chemicals to give the other person a security of Trust and Openness and they feel at ease.

Our planet is constructed by various elements for sustainability. With unicorn leaders we are also taking a step to make our planet a better and inclusive place for all. Such leaders consider equality of education to remove various biases.

Unicorn Leadership is not an impossible thing to achieve but only need to be encouraged to reinforce positivity and create magic.

Unicorn Leadership is a lifestyle.

So, what do you think Unicorn Leadership- is it Mythical or Rare?

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Tags: Change Management, Diversity and Inclusion, Management

3 Media Interviews
D&I at business strategy Level
The Shape of Work
March 17, 2021
Leadership and Team Building

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Tags: Leadership

Pay vs Purpose
People Hum
March 17, 2021
Value Based Leadership

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Tags: Leadership

Coach TV
November 10, 2020
My Interview in Coach TV- USA

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Tags: HR

1 Profile
Stay Featured
April 01, 2022
Why do we give so much emphasis on Self Awareness? It is much more than one can ever imagine and taking a bigger leap in life.

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Tags: Culture, Leadership, Mental Health

1 Speaking Engagement
People Matter
February 01, 2020
Namrata is a Multi-faceted Leader with immense knowledge and experience.
She drives her life with her moral values and loves writing, speaking and coaching on Leader and Leadership for larger impact in the society.

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Tags: Business Strategy, Change Management, Diversity and Inclusion

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1 Article/Blog
Relevance of Unicorn Leadership
April 08, 2022

In today’s digital era, the main challenge for organizations is to be able to understand their customers. This can be done by looking at what they need and how they behave in order to fulfill their needs.
Unicorn leadership is the new way of managing a company. It revolves around the fact that the working environment has changed and the organizations have been forced to take a new approach to how they see themselves. They see themselves as web-based businesses that are constantly on the go in an ever-changing market of opportunity and chance.
This is where a unicorn leader comes into play. A unicorn leader understands that he or she is responsible for being able to listen, empower, motivate, and inspire each team member so that he or she can grow both personally and professionally with a diverse outlook.

It is inevitable that we will see more and more successful entrepreneurs as the future is filled with opportunities. However, these unicorns are in short supply, as they often have a hard time finding great employees. This article discusses how these leaders can stay afloat by adopting a unicorn leadership.
The article suggests that there are three key ingredients of unicorn leadership:
- Think Global Act Local
- Inspiration
- Conversational Intelligence

With the rise of technology and automation, the future of work is no longer dependent on seniority or experience. The new workforce needs to be agile, creative, and ready to take risks. As a result, companies are turning to unicorn leadership to lead the charge in this new era.
Unicorn leaders are those who have qualities such as charisma and ambition, which are essential for thriving in this new work environment. They also must be able to adapt and continuously learn about what is going on around them in order to stay one step ahead of their competition.
The Future of Work is not just about higher profits but also higher engagement and retention rates among staff members who want a fulfilling life on the job as well as outside it.

Unicorn Leadership is a new leadership style that is based on the idea of being a leader who can do anything. This type of leadership style is not about being perfect, but about being able to do anything and everything.
This type of leadership style has been around for centuries, but it has only recently been given the name "unicorn" because it's so rare.
The unicorn leader is someone who can be a visionary, an innovator, and an expert in their field all at once. They are someone who can take on any challenge and succeed at it.
This type of leadership style is not for everyone because it requires a lot of hard work and dedication to be successful.

Unicorn Leadership is a new leadership style that is based on the idea of being a leader who can do anything. This type of leadership style is not about being perfect, but about being able to do anything and everything.
This type of leadership style has been around for centuries, but it has only recently been given the name "unicorn" because it's so rare.
The unicorn leader is someone who can be a visionary, an innovator, and an expert in their field all at once. They are able to take on any challenge that comes their way and they are able to do it with ease.
This type of leadership style is not for everyone because it requires a lot of hard work and dedication from the person in charge. To be a unicorn Leader which is today’s requirement one must begin to develop themselves very early in life to take on critical decisions and handle difficult situations.
Identify the unicorns around you and value them to create a competitive advantage for your organization and business.

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