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Shawn Rogers

Vice President Analytic Strategy at TIBCO Software

Broomfield, United States

Shawn Rogers is a proven marketing executive with deep data and analytics industry experience. Shawn is an internationally recognized thought leader, speaker, author, and instructor/influencer on AI/ML, cloud, IoT, big data, data management, SaaS, and social analytics. His latest book, Analytics: How to Win with Intelligence, is available on Amazon.

Shawn has more than 20+ years of hands-on experience. Including executive marketing roles with TIBCO Software, Quest Software, and Dell’s Information Management Group. Prior to joining Dell, Shawn was Vice President of Research for Business Intelligence and Analytics at Enterprise Management Associates, a leading analyst firm.

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Speaking Topics: Analytics, Data, Cloud

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8 Article/Blogs
Innovation and the New Buyer's Journey
September 29, 2022
Interacting with prospects is getting more complex every day. The modern buyer's journey requires modern strategies. Thought Leadership enables brands to impact the journey while amplifying their brand. Is Thought Leadership right for your company?

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Tags: Leadership, Marketing, Public Relations

Defining and embracing ModelOps: Scaling up data science
December 10, 2020
Traditionally, data science teams are full of brilliant people working solo, tapping into their own data sources, running things on behalf of a department, and not the entire business. But a transition is afoot, and it can be seen in the adoption of ModelOps, driven in part by the need for data science teams to be more sophisticated and grown-up, combined with the desire for better, reusable analytics frameworks, that leverage the power of a group versus the power of an individual.

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Tags: Analytics, AI, Predictive Analytics

31 Data Science and Analytics Predictions from 24 Experts for 2021
Solutions Review
December 08, 2020
The experts featured here represent the top data science and analytics solution providers with experience in this niche. Data science and analytics predictions have been vetted for relevance and ability to add business value as well. These are the 31 best predictions from the dozens we received. We believe these are actionable and may impact a number of verticals, regions, and organization sizes.

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Tags: Analytics, AI, Predictive Analytics

Why shifting societal sands create the perfect storm for successful stakeholder capitalism
Enterprise CIO
May 21, 2020
Companies stuck in the same gear of doing things in the old way – merely oiling the moving parts of the aging corporate machine, making money, and delighting shareholders – are slowly slipping into obscurity. Instead, we are now seeing the increasing rise of the business that puts all stakeholders at the centre of all things. It is a new form of stakeholder capitalism that shifts the business compass from what it perceives to be doing good – to actually doing good.

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Tags: Analytics, Big Data, Business Strategy

The New Face of Big Data and Analytics
CDO Trends
October 30, 2019
The conversation around big data is tipping away from talking about the technology to the desired end results, says Shawn Rogers, the senior director of analytic strategy at TIBCO Software. Rogers was in Singapore for a conference earlier this month, and he sat down with CDOTrends to share his thoughts about the state of big data and analytics in the enterprise.

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Tags: Analytics, Big Data, Digital Transformation

Innovations in analytics and BI: The top trends to look out for in 2020
Enterprise CIO
August 13, 2019
As companies strive for success in the digital age, it’s essential that they keep abreast of the innovation happening in the world of analytics and business intelligence (BI). By understanding the trends that are set to take the ever-evolving field of analytics by storm, organisations can be one step ahead in the race to innovate.

That’s why TIBCO Software conducted a global survey on innovation in analytics, examining the current pervasiveness of BI and analytics technologies, and the future trends that organisations are looking to embrace.

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Tags: Analytics, AI, Big Data, IoT

Building a foundation for innovation: A guide for the CIO
Enterprise CIO
May 01, 2019
Innovation is of central importance in almost any vertical sector you can think of. It dominates the thinking of most C-level executives, is a staple of discussion at conferences and trade events, and is regularly aired as a topic in speeches, blogs and articles.

In order to find out more about what C-levels are doing to keep their companies ahead of the pack in the drive to innovate, TIBCO commissioned its CXO Innovation Survey. Not only does it examine C-level strategy on innovation, but it also looks beyond strategy to some of the practicalities too.

Knowing that the funding and driving of innovation within a company is a role played by many across the organisation, the survey looked at which departments and management layers were the most important sponsors of new thinking. It was particularly interesting to note that finance departments have become the third most important sponsors and drivers of innovation in the enterprise, after executive management and IT management which might naturally have been expected to play a key role here.

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Tags: Digital Transformation, Innovation, IoT, Business Strategy

Tech, people and culture: The three pillars of business innovation and digital transformation
Enterprise CIO
March 06, 2019
Digital transformation means different things to different people. As indeed, does innovation. We all know we need to do it, but our plans and execution vary. The need for clarification in this area, was one of the motivations for the TIBCO CXO Innovation Survey, which set out to get to the heart of what drives and enables new ideas and creative thoughts in our personal and working lives.

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Tags: Digital Transformation, Innovation, Culture, Business Strategy

2 Books
Analytics: How to Win with Intelligence
Technics Publications
July 01, 2017
We are moving into an era where information is potentially more valuable than tangible things or services. Organizations who connect information with their product will have a huge advantage, and conversely, organizations that miss this transformation will find themselves increasingly uncompetitive. No longer just something for the Information Technologists or Data Scientists to deal with, everyone who makes things or serves customers in some way needs to understand how people interact with their product or service in a very granular way. This book will help people in business and government understand the power of data analytics technology and how some of the tools available can be applied to a wide range of applications.

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Tags: Analytics, AI, Predictive Analytics

Social Data Analytics: Collaboration for the Enterprise
Morgan Kaufman
November 10, 2014
Social Data Analytics is the first practical guide for professionals who want to employ social data for analytics and business intelligence (BI). This book provides a comprehensive overview of the technologies and platforms and shows you how to access and analyze the data. You'll explore the five major types of social data and learn from cases and platform examples to help you make the most of sentiment, behavioral, social graph, location, and rich media data. A four-step approach to the social BI process will help you access, evaluate, collaborate, and share social data with ease.

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Tags: Analytics, Big Data, Social

1 Media Interview
SAP's Analytics Plans: EMA's Shawn Rogers' Take
October 08, 2013
Hear Shawn Rogers, an analyst with Enterprise Management Associates, on share his analysis of SAP's BI and analytics plans.

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Tags: Analytics, Big Data, Business Strategy

2 Speaking Engagements
Drafting A New Marketing Playbook With Shawn Rogers
Avocet Communications - Strategic Marketing Agency
May 16, 2022
Podcast: Listen and learn:
- What smart companies are doing to keep their brands vibrant during the COVID crisis.
- Why brands need to shift their focus to include a more service-oriented message.
- There’s a time to drive our businesses and then there’s a time to be part of a community and look for ways to help that community.
- How to use the current crisis to differentiate your brand.
- Why it’s important to have a handle on the analytical environment that impacts your business.
- Why it’s important to be beware of the data changes that are impacting your businesses during the COVID crisis.

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Tags: Analytics, Business Strategy, Marketing

Driving Innovation with Analytics in a Big Data World
Big Data and AI World Singapore
October 09, 2019
Companies focused on driving compelling customer experiences, innovating on new products and services or transforming to a digitally mature enterprise requires a balance of technology, data and strategy. The results of the 2019 CXO Innovation Survey highlight these best practices, lessons learned and obstacles to avoid as your Analytic, Cloud, AI/ML and Big Data strategies mature. Join this session to hear the top 5 strategies for success based on this research.

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Tags: AI, Analytics, Big Data

1 Webinar
Scale Successfully with Data Management and Analytics
TIBCO Software
June 01, 2022
Are you able to scale the innovation of your data-driven decisions, analytics and data management? Can you make it part of your corporate DNA?

In this webinar, you will learn about:

Technologies the most innovative companies are prioritizing
How to make data and analytics part of your company’s culture
Key factors to allow you to scale data-driven innovation

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Tags: AI, Analytics

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When business experience and instinct meet unexpected data insights
June 03, 2022

Companies that invest in digital transformation almost always sponsor an innovative and data-driven culture as the foundation for that transformation. They understand that when data informs business decisions, it's critical to drive that innovation and the culture supporting it.

So, what do you do when a team of subject matter experts with over 110 years of collective experience collaborates to design a new product, and the adoption/conversion data indicates that the team's “great idea” wasn’t as great as the group anticipated? At the moment, instinct, experience, and passion collide with unexpected data insights; it begs the question, which side will win at your company?

I recently experienced this dilemma while working with my incredibly talented web development group. The team leveraged data from many user and adoption tests to construct what we believed to be a hybrid of all the winning strategies. The numbers returned well below our baseline and forced the team to reinvent how we approached the project.

Several weeks later,  after applying numerous content and design changes without success we arrived at a crossroads. We came face to face with the prospect of scraping four months of work and starting over, I have to admit that at that moment, we all privately considered ignoring the data in favor of our instinct, experience, and passion.

This is a common hurdle for data-driven companies. I have always been a proponent of infusing analytics with human insights to make better decisions. Frankly, it would have been easier to push forward with the project and ignore the data.

All companies struggle in these circumstances. We have all been in meetings when executives dismiss a data point, visualization, or push a report aside and declare it inaccurate or not quite right for the decision so they can follow their instincts or their heart. What happens at your company when faced with this challenge? It boils down to being genuinely dedicated to augmenting your business with the power of data, even though it might highlight a failure.

This ”failure” allowed us to commit to our data-driven processes and gave us the freedom and time to optimize our work and get it right. Teri Richter, Senior Director of Web Operations, said it best. “We needed to fail long enough so the collected data could help us understand what the problem was.” After weeks of hard work and creativity, the team found the answer in the new test data and utilized it to innovate.

Things to remember:

  1. Data can quickly identify wins and, perhaps more importantly failure, data insights provide the path to success if you stay committed to it.
  2. Hold on tight to your data-driven culture by not allowing instincts to overrule the data facts, even if it’s difficult.
  3. Give your team time to refine, and apply what the data is telling them so they can iterate to a better outcome.
  4. Don't give in to the pressure of delivery over data-driven insights.

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Tags: Analytics, Leadership, Culture


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