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Tonia Becker

Senior Marketing Strategist at Macon Raine, Inc.

Chicago, United States

Current work:
Messaging, content strategy and execution, positioning strategy, investor messaging, message delivery/storytelling for technical solutions including information technology, supply chain, cybersecurity, synthetic biology, cell and gene therapeutics, and biopharmaceutical spaces.

Summary of current and former accomplishments include:

-Thought leadership content strategy and execution
-Inbound marketing strategy creation and program execution
-Created and executed programs to facilitate fulfillment of the goals for hundreds of marketing, sales, and advertising professionals in Fortune 100 to start-up companies
-Extensive experience in both territory sales and sales team management offers unique insights for building productive relationships with sales teams
-Business planning and strategy creation adjusting to rapidly changing markets

Industry specializations include information technology, cybersecurity, information technology, supply chain, pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, synthetic biology, food, industrial sectors, engineering.

Strengths include:

-Technical storytelling
-B2B inbound marketing
-Ability to imagine, create and execute programs
-Curated events
-Investor messaging
-Listening to and interpreting client/stakeholder needs
-Building creative programs to address client/stakeholder needs
-ROI-based marketing
-Content marketing plan development and execution
-Executing programs including monitoring program performance and making needed adjustments
-Hubspot certified
-Inbound marketing certified
-Copywriting including blogging, articles, social media, content promotion
-Managing and directing graphic design projects
-Vendor management
-Campaign development and execution
-Command of major social media platforms, including LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and YouTube. Familiarity with smaller and/or emerging social media platforms.
-Marketing automation/inbound marketing strategy and execution
-Speaking and presenting
-Speech writing and presentation creation
-P&L/budget management
-Project management
-Team and/or initiative leadership
-B2B marketing communications
-Digital marketing & media

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4 Article/Blogs
Are You Really Ready for Change?
February 26, 2018
As you might imagine, I think a lot about the reasons an executive or an executive team should hire a strategic business management consultancy like Haig Barrett. But increasingly, I have been giving more thought to the circumstances in which an organization should not hire us. At the top of the list is when an organization or an organization’s leadership are simply not ready for the influence of a skilled consultancy. So, we had an idea. We decided that over a series of posts we would explore in a humorous and sometimes self-deprecating way when hiring a business consultant is a great idea, and when it simply is not—perhaps even times when hiring a consultant would be a spectacularly bad idea.

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Tags: Social, Leadership, Change Management

5 Reasons Marketing Scientific & Technical Organizations Is Awesome
November 09, 2017
Over the years, I have increasingly fallen in love with the challenge of messaging, positioning and storytelling for technical and scientific organizations. Let’s set aside the fact that for most of my life I have been attracted to the path less travelled. For instance, I find creating marketing strategies and programs for a biotechnology company more fun than marketing and advertising jeans, cereal or laundry detergent. Why?

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Tags: Management, Leadership, Marketing

Bravo Contently for Working to End The Jargon Monster
March 07, 2016
In fairness to The Jargon Monster, sometimes new words or phrases are needed to describe new products, industry problems, solutions and movements. The world and industries change, we sometimes need words and phrases that capture these new concepts.

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Tags: Management, Leadership, Marketing

The Human Side of Inbound Marketing
October 22, 2015
Hubspot just released the much anticipated 2015 State of Inbound Marketing Report. Many of the top priorities revealed in the report logically relate to increasing lead volumes, better ability to demonstrate and attribute ROI, securing needed budget, selecting the best technologies, website management and strengthening sales/marketing alignment.

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Tags: Management, Leadership, Marketing

2 Industry Certifications
Inbound Certification
July 15, 2015

Issued Jul, 2015 – Expired Aug, 2016

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Tags: Leadership, Entrepreneurship

HubSpot Certification
June 10, 2015

Issued Jun, 2015 – Expired Jul, 2016

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Tags: Social, Leadership




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