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Lenka Pincot


Paris, France

As a leader of organizational transformations and strategic changes, my focus is on enhancing of business agility by building culture of efficient teams, contributing to digital transformation and aligning business and IT strategies. My main expertise lies in setting strategic transformation vision, driving complex changes leading to creation of customer value and coaching of agile teams for business success.
Throughout my career as business and technology leader with almost 20 years of multi-industry experience, I have provided know-how and direction for leading-edge initiatives that included enterprise-wide agile transformations, process reengineering solutions, digital transformation, ERP implementations and Internet of Things innovations.
My career started in management consultancy, providing me the opportunity to visit several industries and learn their business models. I leveraged my experience to become an international Business Process Manager for 25 business entities, handling large and successful ERP initiatives. I was then promoted to lead a team of IT Business Relationship Managers and was recognized as one of the key company talents. As I advanced to a senior management role, I utilized my expertise and broad skill sets to build a digital solutions center that served a global customer base.
My current role is to provide leadership and coaching to ensure success of an agile enterprise transformations with objective to keep pace with industry digitalization and change of company culture towards customer centricity.
I have earned Master of Science Degree in Computer Sciences, Software Engineering, and hold several international certifications in the area of traditional and agile delivery methods including large scale agile approaches.

Available For: Authoring, Speaking
Travels From: Prague, Czech Republic
Speaking Topics: Business Agility, System Thinking, Culture Change, Women Empowerment, Complex Change Management

Speaking Fee $25

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Financial Services & Banking

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2 Article/Blogs
Managing Changing Priorities With Agile
May 07, 2020
When crisis strikes, the first thing we’d like to do is quickly re-prioritize, re-assign resources to the activities that provide the most value under the current circumstances and materialize the benefits as soon as possible. While this may be a distant dream for some organizations, it is far more realistic for those that have gone through at least the early stages of agile transformation.

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Tags: Agile, Business Strategy, Change Management

How to achieve benefits from agile transformation
January 06, 2020
The general expectation from conducting an agile transformation is strengthening your ability to quickly adapt and respond on an enterprise-wide level. If a company wants to get more efficient, there are several related topics that need to be addressed simultaneously—and they go far beyond the way of work of individual agile teams (company culture, strategic skill set development, performance management systems, efficient alignment of multiple teams accessing the same technological platforms and many more).
Let's look at the common expected benefits of agile transformation and the ways how to get there.

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Tags: Agile, Change Management

1 Keynote
Learning and growing from agile teams to agile organization. How to become an agile enterprise?
Empowering Agile
April 22, 2021
Keynote on the Agility & Innovation in Financial Services konference

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Tags: Agile, Digital Transformation, Innovation

1 Miscellaneous
Interview: Innovation with Lenka Pincot
July 21, 2021
Interview about innovation in the financial industry

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Tags: Digital Transformation, Innovation, Leadership

2 Podcasts
Leading transformation change
Elise Stevens
May 20, 2021
Podcast about key elements of succesfully leading a company-wide transformation change

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Tags: Agile, Digital Transformation, Leadership

Agile transformation in the finance industry
October 05, 2020
How to approach agile transformation in finance industry which is regulated and typically known for processes and rules rather then for agility? IN this podcast, I talk about change framework and engagement of stakeholders in the change by promoting future core culture values.

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Tags: Agile, Change Management, Culture

1 Steering Committee Membership
President, NGO chapter organization
PMI Czech Republic
February 09, 2021

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Tags: Leadership, Future of Work, Change Management

1 Visiting Lecturer
The Role of Systems Thinking in Strategy & Innovation
Wienna University
November 13, 2020
Demonstrating the role of Business Dynamics and System Thinking tools in Strategy and Innovation. The webinar was delievered as part of MBA course.

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Tags: Digital Disruption, Leadership, Open Innovation

2 Webinars
We can speak. But can we communicate?
RedButton Edu
April 03, 2021
Educational webinar for project managers how to communicate to maximize a value creation.

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Tags: Change Management, Leadership, Project Management

Stakeholder engagement
Red Button Edu
February 05, 2021
Making a video content for education network

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Tags: Management, Leadership, Change Management



1 Panel
Business Agility, Culture Change and Building High Performing Teams

Location: Virtual    Date Available: December 30th, 2020    Fees: TBD

Submission Date: December 30th, 2020    Service Type: Service Offered

Business Agility became an imperative in the era of industry digitalization. In order to became an agile company, culture shift towards purpose-driven and empowered teams must be facilitated. And with pressing digital disruptors without the legacy baggage, companies need to learn how to act quickly and learn how to adapt.

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