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Paul Taylor

Direcor at TryDown Limited

London, United Kingdom

Consultant with over 30 years experience of implementing change across the financial
services, oil/gas, charities and professional bodies.

Author and speaker on a variety of subjects - eg Change , freelancing, technology, financial services, research approaches, etc

Published a books called “So you want to go contacting” and “So you want successful change”

Chair and NED for a variety of industry and social enterprises covering Gambling Addiction awareness and Performing Arts for BAME population

Mentor to various people on areas on career planning, career changes, etc.

An Associate Lecturer for the Open University STEM school teaching Technology Management.

Obtained an MBA from the Open University. Studying for a PhD at Middlesex University.

Available For: Advising, Authoring, Consulting, Influencing, Speaking
Travels From: UK
Speaking Topics: Change Management, Technology, Freelancing

Paul Taylor Points
Academic 15
Author 123
Influencer 63
Speaker 3
Entrepreneur 0
Total 204

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Company Type: Individual
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Areas of Expertise

AI 30.06
Big Data 30.24
Business Continuity
Business Strategy 30.12
Change Management 32.47
Data Center
Emerging Technology
Entrepreneurship 35.35
Future of Work 30.02
Leadership 30.05
Management 36.29
Mergers and Acquisitions
Predictive Analytics
Procurement 30.23
Project Management
Supply Chain 30.04

Industry Experience

Financial Services & Banking
Higher Education & Research


3 Article/Blogs
So, you want to go contracting or freelancing?
British Computer Society
January 07, 2019
Paul Taylor is a freelance consultant with over 30 years’ experience and author of 'So you want to go contracting'. He tells Johanna Hamilton reasons to make the jump (and a few to stay put).

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Tags: Management, Entrepreneurship

Room for improvement
British Computer Society
July 08, 2017
Despite an entire industry being formed around change and projects, they still have a very poor record of success. With this in mind, Paul Taylor, a consultant in change management, recommends some actions that organisations can follow to improve their record of success.

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Tags: Management, Change Management

How to ensure offshoring success
British Computer Society
December 31, 1969
Despite a large amount of negativity around offshoring software development, Paul Taylor - a change consultant - outlines a simple three step process to allow firms to successfully offshore software development.

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Tags: Future of Work, Management, Supply Chain

2 Books
Book - So you want successful change?
Self Publication.
December 31, 1969
Change is a constant and permanent presence in the world of business today, and all organisations carry a long list of change projects or initiatives that they are trying to implement.

However despite vast amount of resources, money and time dedicated to change its record of success is very poor. Therefore, the key question is why is this the case? This is where this book jumps in to help by providing a set of ideas, processes and tips to try and improve the record of implementing successful change.

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Tags: Management, Change Management

So you want to go contracting or freelancing"​ book updated with new IR35 chapter.
Self Publication.
December 31, 1969
Have you thought about going freelance, interim management or contracting but you are nervous about making the jump?
- Is it a good choice for you?
- How to set yourself up as a contractor?
- How to get your first assignment?
- How to operate on a day-to-day basis?
- What is the IR35 implications?

This is where this book comes in. By the end of this book, you will have a good indication of whether contract is the right fit for you and what is required to make the ‘jump’ from permanent employment into contract work.

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Tags: Management, Entrepreneurship

3 Journal Publications
The challenges of big data
British Computer Society
December 31, 1969
Big data is one of the newer threads within the technology industry, writes Paul Taylor MBCS, Author and IT consultant. However, like most things, big data is a not a silver bullet; it has a number of challenges that people need to be aware of.

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Tags: AI, Big Data

How to choose the right supplier
British Computer Society
December 31, 1969
All organisations employ third-party suppliers, which means supplier selection is now a key organisational capability, writes Paul Taylor MBCS, author, speaker and mentor. To effectively select the right partners, follow this ‘four lensed’ approach.

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Tags: Procurement

How to plan and implement change
British Computer Society
December 31, 1969
Paul Taylor MBCS, speaker, author and mentor, discusses the essential elements needed for successful business transformation - and how sometimes it’s simply the ability to deal with uncertainty that could spell the difference between success and failure.

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Tags: Change Management

1 Webinar
Professional Research Technqiues.
British Computer Society
May 17, 2021
Webinar to discuss the ability to perform effective, robust, reliable and unbiased research is a key capability for everyone.

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Tags: Business Strategy, Entrepreneurship, Leadership

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