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Mei Lee Quah

Associate Director at Market Research and Management Consulting company

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Quah Mei Lee is an Associate Director with a leading global Market Research and Management Consulting company ICT practice. She leads Mobile & Wireless Research for Asia-Pacific. Her area of expertise lies in telecoms and payments strategy and she has completed several key strategy projects for leading mobile network operators in the region. Supported by her expert team, she drives thought leadership in telecoms and payments strategy and mobile digital services research.

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Travels From: Malaysia
Speaking Topics: 5G, Mobile, Payments

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Company Type: Individual
Business Unit: ICT
Theatre: Global
Media Experience: 5
Last Media Interview: 08/12/2020

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10 Article/Blogs
The great shift towards a cashless society
FinTech Magazine
September 11, 2020
My key message is that "a cashless future will be inevitable..." and the trigger for the final transition to cashless will be when cash becomes too costly to supply and to accept.

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Tags: Digital Disruption, FinTech, Business Strategy

The future of indoors with digital indoor systems
June 19, 2020
With the new normal brought about by COVID-19, new perspectives on what people need and want will emerge. It is clear that with the global launch of 5G, investments in indoor solutions will shift to DIS solutions for new sites. Developments in policy, business models and innovation enablers are helping to tip the scales. However, the bigger question now is, when will the massive number of existing sites with DAS solutions migrate to DIS and how much will developments with millimeter wave and massive MIMO affect the timing of the transition? It is known from past industry analysis that if there is a need, the investments necessary will come through. Governments laying the groundwork early will only crystalize the future of indoors sooner. In an industry where need has never been well understood, innovation and transformation in this area could become a catalyst for future growth.

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Tags: Digital Transformation, Business Strategy, 5G

The Future of Indoors with Digital Indoor Systems
June 15, 2020
Digital transformation is underway regionally and globally. A recent survey by IDG found that 68% of respondents in Australia and Singapore were either undergoing or have completed their digital transformation journey with the majority of these respondents having plans for artificial intelligence (AI) and robotic process automation (RPA) deployments within 12 months of completion. Indeed, we live in interesting times where emerging technology is driving economies and change.

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Tags: Digital Transformation, 5G, RPA

Digital News Asia
May 27, 2020
My key message is that improving customer experience indoors to monetise 5G will become a priority.

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Tags: 5G, Business Strategy, Digital Transformation

Bracing for the new normal – let’s make 5G work
April 28, 2020
This article highlights the need to close the gap between mobile operators/vendors and end user companies in order for 5g to scale and drive the much anticipated innovative end to end services.
On one hand, mobile operators and vendors say their biggest challenge with driving 5G adoption is the lack of sufficient industry partnerships to build solutions that capitalise on 5G. Whereas, end-user companies within vertical industries say they are struggling to come up with innovative ideas that can unlock the potential of 5G. In particular, the perspective of end-user companies on the need for 5G to solve pain points is unique to them.

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Tags: 5G, Business Strategy, Digital Transformation

Bracing for the new normal: Let’s Make 5G Work
April 26, 2020
In January, our nation looked all set to take a leap into the future putting together plans to deploy 5G networks and technology. Proud to be Malaysian, I used my analyst hat to drum up the need to focus on need based use cases that will bring the most benefit to the nation. More than three months on, with the outbreak soon to be behind us and a new normal ahead of us, we find ourselves still at the very beginning.

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Tags: IoT, Mobility, 5G

Selling cross-border in Southeast Asia – key considerations for merchants
March 31, 2020
My take is that payments managers need to understand that careful planning in payment strategy development can lead to greater business growth. Payments managers must work closely with ecommerce product managers, as the right product strategy is crucial to achieving scale, which is critical to the viability of a payments business model.

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Tags: Business Strategy, Digital Disruption, FinTech

The future of payments – digital and cashless
Disruptive Asia
July 16, 2019
My take is that 5G will open up multiple new opportunities, use cases and business models; if paired with payments, this can revolutionize how consumers interact and enterprises compete. The payments industry should work towards integrating into society so efficiently that it becomes the de facto enabler of industry digitalization on a global scale. To do this, payment solutions have to closely meet the needs of the users that they serve and have to integrate seamlessly and securely with applications that bring true value add and convenience to consumers.

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Tags: Business Strategy, Digital Disruption, FinTech

Developing 5G Indoor Networks
March 14, 2019
Three generations of mobile technology upgrades, some 5 to 10 phones of varying smartness and 20 years on, we seem now on the verge of 5G and with even a glimpse of 6G.

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Tags: IoT, 5G

How digital indoor systems can bolster ASEAN’s 5G networks
Computer Weekly
January 29, 2019
My take is that digital indoor systems (DIS), already being used at airports and subway systems, will help telcos monetise new digital services on 5G networks.

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Tags: 5G, Business Strategy, Digital Transformation

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