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Debra Dupree

Coronado, United States

Dr. Debra Dupree is a renowned mediator, speaker and trainer with nearly 30 years in the field.
As the former Director of Training for Mediation Training Institute (MTI), she designed and delivered training with MTI’s founder, Dr. Dan Dana, training lawyers and human resource professionals throughout North America and parts of Africa in workplace mediation. Bringing dignity and professionalism to the workplace.

Dr. D has a combined 15 years of experience serving on the faculty at California Western School of Law in dispute resolution, National University’s Certificate in Conflict Resolution program, and Ryokan College in advanced psychology and the neuroscience of behavior. What this does is serve as a foundation for a deep theoretical and science understanding to human behavior in ways that help people achieve practical changes in how they live, how they learn, and how they grow.

Out of moments of pain comes the momentum for gain! Learn to leverage your mindset for agile ways of living in health and happiness.

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3 Article/Blogs
The power of mediation
September 09, 2020
I am still amazed. After 25 years in the field of workplace and family mediation, how little people know and understand the magic of mediation.

Yes, the magic of mediation.

Oh, meditation has its magic too but I’m talking about mediation (take the first “t” out).

It’s a mistake that many make, reading and saying the word “meditation” when what’s meant is “mediation.”

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Tags: Management, Health and Wellness

Millennials Leading the Way
March 21, 2020
What is an Xennial? What an interesting question. I learned through the insightful and experienced 39-year old Arika Pierce that the Xennial represents the cusp of the Millennial and the Gen X generations born in the 1980s, considered a microgeneration, those who remember life before the internet! The oldest Millennial is 39 years of age in 2020! And, that’s where Arika comes in…

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Tags: Leadership, Culture, Future of Work

Uncovering Unconscious Bias
March 02, 2020
Today’s successful leader demands a different kind of mind-set, a conscious mindfulness in how we show up with people, how we impact and influence people, and how to get others to follow what we want as leaders in healthy and constructive ways. Anyone can be a leader at any level…we all have that opportunity and potential…and, we can rise to the top with even some of the most despicable traits (we see it today). But, it really takes a healthy mindset invested in growth of self AND others, to really be successful, influential, positively regarded, and remembered as a truly GREAT leader. Sure, others have gone and will go down in history with the title of “leader” but in what light? Here are three questions to ask yourself:

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Tags: Leadership, Mental Health



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