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Sleiman Abou-Hamdan

Founder at Holistic Psychology Australia

Melbourne, Australia

People often tell me that the reason why they choose to work with me is because they can see that they can be challenged and guided to be the empowered version of themselves, while at the same time feeling safe in the knowledge they are being cared for and supported by a qualified clinical and performance psychologist.

Accredited Performance Psychologist and registered Clinical Psychologist, specialising in enhancing leadership capabilities, psychological wellbeing, resilience, relationships, and peak performance. I do this to help people feel more positive emotions, engagement, connection, flow, meaning, love and happiness. I use a range of evidence-based coaching and therapeutic models, adopting proven holistic, evidence-based models and processes to work side by side with clients to actualise their unlimited potential.

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Speaking Topics: Resilience, Leadership, Motivation, Mental Health, Post Traumatic Growth

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1 Journal Publication
Career derailment: Burnout and bullying at the executive level
British Psychological Society, International Coaching Psychology Review
March 01, 2017
This phenomenological research focused on the factors that can prevent and manage executive career burnout and derailment. It detailed the subjective experiences of four high functioning professionals who had experienced executive derailment. Semi-structured interviews were conducted and data were analysed using interpretative phenomenological analysis (IPA). Results showed four key elements that tracked a trajectory from severe loss of identity, integrity and livelihood, to newly defined authenticity following derailment. The recognition that personal and professional growth can arise following executive derailment is a novel finding with important implications for leaders, managers and coaches. A positive psychological is shown to be helpful in harnessing change with executives following derailment.

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Tags: Health and Wellness, Leadership, Mental Health

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