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peter abraham

London, United Kingdom

In all businesses i’ve worked, or work with, it’s often the same issues;
# Lack of time (focus actually),
# Lack of resource (the right talent),
# Lack of budget (or how you forecast and spend).
That shit never changes.
What’s key is understanding which questions to ask and what levers to pull.

Areas I can help with and of interest to me;
How you build an agile business, not just tech but true agility in the business, capability, competency, behaviour, channel mastery
How you use data to inform decision making - marketing, ecommerce, content, org culture and teams.
How you drive growth through the intersection of Data, UX and Channel optimisation (search, email, social etc)
How you forecast and budget marketing spend (50% don’t btw and see the research we wrote on that)
How you look at your internal resources and the disconnects that are slowing them down (identifying your organisational culture and the eight behaviours that create those disconnects, again I have case studies and see the research we did into that)

If you’re trying to grow the business then there are a number of areas where I can help and if I can’t I bet I know someone who can. With 20+ years ‘digital’ experience in Digital Marketing (SEO, PPC, Email, Social) and another 15 years prior in the creative agency industry I have a very good understanding of digital and commerce and a network to match. At I helped take it from startup to exit, as well as working globally with large multi-nationals helping them better understand optimisation of digital channels, disruption and navigate digital transformation. I work with many large brands to help them build Centres of Excellence in Marketing as well as what to in-source out-source and their team structures. In 2011 I established Econsultancy’s Asia presence.

I’m co-founder of Crank, If you're trying to do more with data, analysis and digital channels to grow your business SPEAK TO US

I’m the co-author of 'Building the Agile Business Through Digital Transformation' it’s the distillation of experiences gained since 2009 helping business navigate digital transformation. it includes models, frameworks, valuable insights, real world examples.
If you need help with better understanding business agility (not just transformation) ask me.

I’m also Non Exec & Advisor,
Which connects those in business transformation. The ‘go to’ for insight, advice and services.


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peter abraham