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Jurgen Proschinger

Managing Director / Founder at Triangle Forces - Media & Entertainment Advisory

Stuttgart, Germany

Jurgen Proschinger is Founder and Chief Executive of Triangle Forces, a holistic thinking boutique advisory dedicated to helping ventures in the convergent consumer technology, interactive media, and digital entertainment sector (TME) with their strategic initiatives, commercial innovation, partnership alliances, financing endeavors, and business opportunity development.
Jurgen has over two decades of international experience at the forefront of developments in media content and related distribution channels. He has worked in 25 countries worldwide for telecoms and ICT service providers, major studios, VCs and banks, Internet startups, SMEs and MNOs, B2C/B2B marketing and communication agencies, publishers, rights holders, independent film production companies, and government bodies.
Prior to establishing Triangle Forces and its underlying framework to analyze a project's feasibility and help with strategic planning, Jurgen held senior positions at multinational Internet service provider Docler Holding, telecommunication giants Huawei and Ericsson, major Hollywood studio Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, film production outfit Qwerty Films, visual effects conglomerate MAX - European Post-Production Alliance, venture capital firm EMDA (European Media Development Agency), and film/TV consultancy Gryphon Entertainment.
Jurgen studied at Steinbeis-University, Berlin; SDA Bocconi University, Milan; NYU Stern School of Business, New York; magica/Media Business School, Rome; AKAD University for Applied Sciences, Lahr; and New York Film Academy (NYFA), New York. He holds an "MBA in Media Management," a "Master in Audiovisual Management," a "Bachelor in Business Management," a "Bachelor in Marketing," and a "Master of Arts in Film & Media Production."

Available For: Consulting, Speaking
Travels From: Stuttgart, Germany
Speaking Topics: digital entertainment, interactive media, consumer technology

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Company Type: Individual
Theatre: North America, EMEA, APAC
Media Experience: 30

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Business Strategy 30.15
Customer Experience 30.17
Digital Disruption
Digital Transformation
Lean Startup
Management 30.54
Marketing 30.40
Mergers and Acquisitions
Risk Management 30.14
Culture 30.09
Sales 30.23

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Consumer Products
Financial Services & Banking
High Tech & Electronics
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2 Article/Blogs
Playing Hide And Seek (In The World Of Media)
Independent Film Monitor, New York - Issue April 2005
April 01, 2005
Undercover marketing is gaining ground in the world of film, television, and interactive games. It has not eclipsed the old-fashioned kind, but that is just a matter of time, or so it seems. Playing Hide and Seek in the World of Media contemplates the ethical implications of undercover marketing in all its forms, and how marketers intend to grab the publics' attention in a world that has become immune to traditional advertising messages. The article also examines cases where this new form of marketing helped independent filmmakers to stand their ground in the onslaught of Hollywood product.

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Tags: Customer Experience, Marketing, Sales

Piracy Is Good For You
Entertainment Law Review Vol. 14 Issue 5, pp. 97-104, Sweet & Maxwell, London, 2003
March 15, 2003
Piracy is bad. It is obvious. Piracy is undermining revenue streams and product sales. It is an infringement of copyright. Nothing else, nothing less. Or is it? A provocative report about the bad boys on the Internet and the media conglomerates' dilemma in the information age.

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Tags: Culture, Management, Risk Management

1 Whitepaper
Triangle Forces — A holistic approach for independent production companies to manage the value generating activities and risk management processes when developing, producing, and distributing feature films and other forms of audiovisual entertainment
Gryphon Entertainment
September 10, 2006
Knowledge of the interaction between the Triangle Forces and how to best utilize the relationship of processes when selecting projects can provide a producer of audiovisual entertainment with the groundwork for a long-term strategic agenda. Especially in a market that is rapidly developing in view of the imminent convergence between passive (film and television) and interactive audiovisual entertainment (video games).

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Tags: Business Strategy, Management, Marketing



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