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Mike Nall

Co-Founder at midmarketplace

Chicago-Milwaukee, United States

We research and share the best solutions to maximize private business value!

Available For: Consulting, Influencing
Travels From: Chicago
Speaking Topics: Private Business Value

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Academic 0
Author 63
Influencer 20
Speaker 0
Entrepreneur 20
Total 103

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Company Type: Service Provider
Minimum Project Size: Undisclosed
Average Hourly Rate: Undisclosed
Number of Employees: Undisclosed
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Areas of Expertise

Business Strategy 32.35
Change Management 32.99
Mergers and Acquisitions 42.10
Business Continuity 34.56
Entrepreneurship 30.25

Industry Experience

Financial Services & Banking


1 Book
Middle Market M&A
September 30, 2022
Handbook for Advisors, Investors, and Busines Owners

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Tags: Business Strategy, Change Management, Mergers and Acquisitions

1 Founder
Middle Market M&A Handbook for Advisors, Investors, and Business Owners
October 04, 2022
Practical advice and insights to navigate the sell-side and buy-side processes of M&A for companies with revenues from $5M to $1B. This handbook captures the body of knowledge of middle market M&A, focusing on the key aspects and steps to succeed in optimizing the deal and closing the transaction.

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Tags: Business Continuity, Change Management, Mergers and Acquisitions

1 Presentation
Middle Market M&A
July 30, 2012

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Tags: Business Continuity, Entrepreneurship, Mergers and Acquisitions

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