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Lauren Fix

President & CEO at Automotive Aspects Inc.

New York, United States

Award-winning and nationally-recognized entrepreneur, Chief Executive Officer, Board Director, and “The Car Coach” with over four decades of domestic and international experience driving sustainable business growth and brand recognition in the entertainment, automotive, and aftermarket industries.

Adept at leading, as a top female automotive and energy sector analyst and consumer advocate, in domestic and international media sectors, developing and implementing innovative business strategies and improving business leadership. Skilled at driving creative and effective solutions, fostering beneficial partnerships, identifying and securing business opportunities, expanding product offerings, launching and building brands, training high-performing teams, spearheading cost reduction, managing effective social media and driving sales and marketing.

Broad-based expertise includes strategic planning, entrepreneurship, product innovation, process streamlining, communications, partnerships, manufacturing, public speaking, safety, energy, consumer advocacy, finance, fiduciary oversight, and corporate governance. Dedicated to building beneficial relationships and providing crucial support to stakeholders, executives, and boards of directors.

Available For: Advising, Authoring, Consulting, Influencing, Speaking
Travels From: Buffalo, NY or Naples, FL
Speaking Topics: Innovative Entrepreneurship. Business Leadership, Marketing and Social, Automotive

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Media Experience: Over 30 years: Lauren’s extensive broadcast expert
Last Media Interview: 06/10/2022

Areas of Expertise

Autonomous Vehicles
Business Strategy 30.39
Customer Experience
Future of Work
Marketing 30.04
Diversity and Inclusion 31.38
Leadership 30.16
Climate Change 30.22
Renewable Energy 30.21

Industry Experience

Oil & Gas
Travel & Transportation


1 Article/Blog
POWER GRID Blackouts AND Electric Cars
June 10, 2022
The government keeps telling everyone that the war fossil fuel can be beat by purchasing electric cars. Americans are in a bind. We can’t avoid fossil fuels, they are literally used in every thing we touch every day. As the average cost of gasoline reaches $5/gallon and electricity prices continue to increase, we are told that one billion people are at risk of power black outs as the global grid is stretched to its limits with rolling blackouts. Here in the USA, we are prone to the same issues. As nuclear, coal, and natural gas power plants are being shut down, and we are putting more reliance on green energy such as wind and solar. Grids are stretched thin by fossil fuel shortages, drought, heatwaves, and the failed green energy transition which can only supply 18% of our current needs. The lack of battery storage, and issues with generation when the sun doesn't shine or the wind doesn't blow will create instabilities and more stress on grids. All of these energy problems are leading to a perfect storm of blackouts which threatens much of the Northern Hemisphere. But there is more to this than what’s on the surface.

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Tags: Climate Change, Marketing, Renewable Energy

1 Keynote
Today’s Entrepreneurs: Buckle Down and Get On the Road
March 15, 2022
• Revving the Engines: Making Your Entrepreneurial Spirit Work for You - How do you get where you want in life? Its more then self-confidence, you need to create a road map in “reverse”. I’ll present to you how to create and follow the smartest ways to REV your own engine and get to your destination.
• Sales & Marketing: How to Build a Well-Oiled Machine in Today’s Tech-Savvy World.
• Capturing Multi-Generational Customers: Marketing Strategies That Work
• Breaking the Glass Ceiling – Living and Working in a Male-Dominated Industry

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Tags: Leadership, Business Strategy, Diversity and Inclusion

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