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Fabian Schmidt

Head of Software Engineering at SICK AG

Freiburg, Germany

Head of Software Engineering @ SICK AG
Founder of Homo Digitalis
Industrie 4.0
Environmental Sustainability

Available For: Authoring, Consulting, Influencing, Speaking
Travels From: Freiburg, Germany
Speaking Topics: Industry 4.0, IoT, Digital Transformation

Fabian Schmidt Points
Academic 5
Author 4
Influencer 200
Speaker 10
Entrepreneur 20
Total 239

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Company Type: Enterprise
Business Unit: Operations
Theatre: Germany
Media Experience: 20 years

Areas of Expertise

AI 30.28
Autonomous Vehicles
Big Data
Business Strategy
Change Management
Climate Change
Cryptocurrency 30.13
Customer Experience
Data Center
Digital Disruption 30.14
Digital Transformation 30.54
Emerging Technology 30.85
IoT 31.47
Leadership 30.08
Lean Startup
Marketing 30.06
Predictive Analytics
Quantum Computing
Supply Chain 30.58
Digital Twins 30.79

Industry Experience

Engineering & Construction
High Tech & Electronics
Industrial Machinery & Components
Metal Products


1 Academic Whitepaper
Towards the Shop Floor App Ecosystem: Using the Semantic Web for Gluing Together Apps into Mashups
Fabian Schmidt
July 14, 2016
Any upcoming industrial revolution will rely on the ability to
harness software as the nervous system of future production
environments. This paper proposes an app ecosystem as key
enabler of industry digitization and argues for the need of
semantic web technologies as primary enablers for their
interoperability. We shortly discuss how we envision the
emergence of semantically annotated apps on the manufacturing
shop floor. Subsequently, we demonstrate how a loosely coupled
mashup of apps can easily form a full stack internet of things
solution that covers sensor data from its origin toward its
visualization in a web browser.

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Tags: Digital Transformation, Emerging Technology, Supply Chain

4 Article/Blogs
The Possible Role of IOTA in Industry 4.0
Fabian Schmidt
July 23, 2020

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Tags: Cryptocurrency, Digital Transformation, Emerging Technology

A Look At Germany's AI Strategy
Fabian Schmidt
March 01, 2019

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Tags: AI, Digital Transformation, Emerging Technology

Erfolg durch personalisiertes Marketing im digitalen Zeitalter
Fabian Schmidt
November 14, 2018
Wrote a german article for Adobe, showing how AI can leverage the next level of marketing.

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Tags: AI, Digital Transformation, Marketing

How Smart Factories Benefit From Digital Twins
Fabian Schmidt
March 01, 2018
There is a lot of literature about the concept of digital twins.

In this article, I would like to simplify this topic a bit. My goal is to start with a pragmatic approach in the production context. I hope this will benefit an agile approach in our complex world.

Small beginnings and quick gains will help us introduce Digital Twins into our factory.

A Digital Twin is a non-physical representation of a physical thing. It links both worlds – physical and cyber – together. All the relevant data about the physical thing, typically a product, is stored. This applies to the whole product lifecycle. From Design / R&D to End Of Life.

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Tags: Digital Transformation, Supply Chain, Digital Twins

1 Founder
Homo Digitalis
Fabian Schmidt
September 01, 2018
Founded Homo Digitalis, Blog, Influencer Marketing and Consulting around the topics Digital Transformation, Industry 4.0, Security and further

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Tags: AI, Digital Transformation, IoT

1 Keynote
Industrie 4.0-Tag Baden-Württemberg 2019
Fabian Schmidt
March 14, 2019
Spoke at the Industrie 4.0-Tag Baden-Württemberg 2019 about the Digital Transformation in Manufacturing

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Tags: Digital Transformation, Emerging Technology, Supply Chain

1 Media Interview
Interview on Digital Transformation
March 12, 2019

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Tags: Digital Disruption, Digital Transformation, Leadership

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Authoring a various article on Industry 4.0 / IoT / Cybersecurity / Digital Transformation

Location: Freiburg, Germany    Date Available: March 31st, 2020     Fees: 1000

Submission Date: March 31st, 2020     Service Type: Service Offered

I'm offering to author articles on the topics Industry 4.0 / IoT / Cybersecurity / Digital Transformation.

I can do so in english and german

Reference for brands like Lenovo, Adobe and VMware:

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