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DAVID Chung Tai-Wai

Hong Kong,, Hong Kong

Award Winning Innovator | Design Thinking Practitioner | Transforming Innovations to Business Results

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Creating Unlimited Business Opportunities for an Insurance Sales Force
IGI Global
July 15, 2019
As a company grows and new business opportunities are presented, there is an expectation that employee performance will grow and improve as the organization does. One method to improve performance is through systematic, data-driven technology that analyzes all affecting aspects of an organization. A better understanding of how this quality-improving technology can be integrated within a variety of different industries is needed in order to develop strategies and interventions that address an organizational need.

Cases on Learning Design and Human Performance Technology provides a collection of cases that demonstrate how principles of learning design and human performance technology have been employed within organizations in a variety of industries to address business problems, quality improvement initiatives, and business opportunities. While highlighting topics including intervention design, workflow procedures, and employee development, this book is ideally designed for managers, executives, human resources, IT specialists, academicians, business professionals, industry practitioners, researchers, and students.

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Tags: Business Strategy, Change Management, Design Thinking

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DAVID Chung Tai-Wai